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Costco Australia Price List

Loaded Trolley is the place to find all fair prices for quality commodities. The latest Costco Australia products and price list are all available. This will be convenient since you will get all the details of a given product on the site.

Costco Australia is dedicated to the satisfaction of customer needs and high quality products. You will have the opportunity to choose between the various brands available for your preferred product. There are many outlets for Costco warehouse store but the pricing is relatively the same.

Current Price Lists


Televisions at Costco Australia

Televisions at Costco

Laptops and Tablets at Costco Australia

Computers from different manufacturers are all available. Laptops and tablets having the latest technology will cost you a small amount of money to purchase. The brands of laptops include; Sony Vaio, Toshiba, Acer, HP and Asus. The highest priced laptop is the Sony Vaio SVT14117 sold at $1,199.97 and the cheapest is Toshiba Satellite C850/0G5 at $479.97. The tablets are Asus products and they range between $379.98 and $629.99 each. The Sony Touch Reader goes for $134.99.

laptops at Costco

Digital Cameras At Costco Australia

Digital cameras are part of our lifestyle. Memories can be brought to life by reviewing them over and over if you store clips from different life events. A reliable high class camera will guarantee you quality output and will not dysfunction after a few days of service. The brands are Canon, Panasonic, Nikon, Olympus, Samsung and Sony. The cheapest is priced at $699.99 while the most expensive one is $1,079.99. Video cameras from Panasonic and Sony are also there. The former costs $419.99 and the latter $239.99.

Cameras at Costco

Bakery Items at Costco Australia

There are many types of food available. Appetizers, salads, bakery items, beef and sea food are delicacies you can’t miss. The bakery items are donuts, dinner rolls, butter croissants, 12 pack muffins and apple pies. The bakery packs range between $6.99 and $21.99. The cheese is great, made locally or brought in from far. The Brancourts Full Cream Ricotta is the most affordable at $5.59 per kg while Rouzaire Camembert comes at $47.96 per kg.

Bakery Costco

Beef Products at Costco Australia

Home recipes for dessert will facilitate easy cooking tips. The Ghirardelli Triple Choc Brownie Mix is a permanent fixture at Costco and can be cooked with very little notice. Mariani Dried fruit Gift is the most expensive sold at $24.29 for 1.3kg while the Le Pain Provencal Crepes 8-pack is the cheapest at $2.39. Costco has a variety of beef products in the Australian warehouse stores including grain fed steaks, Wagyu steaks and beef mince. The price ranges from $12.99 to $63.99 per kg for the steaks while the minced meat is $9.99 for lean ground beef and $12.99 for Diamantina Organic beef.

Meat and Deli at Costco

Seafood at Costco Australia

Sea food which contains the essential white meat can be purchased at a satisfactory price. You can get the cheapest at $5.00 and the most expensive at $48 per kg. The other consumable products are chips, cakes, biscuits, soft drinks and juice. There is a wide variety to choose from and the varying prices give you the freedom to get a pocket friendly product. There is also ready made salads to prepare you for your meals or eat when you are in the mood for fresh food.

Seafood at Costco

Cheeses at Costco Australia


Cheese at Costco

Ready Made Salads at Costco Australia


Salad Platters at Costco

Desserts at Costco Australia


Desserts at Costco

Soft Drinks and Juice at Costco Australia

Drinks at Costco

Chips, Biscuits and Other Nibbles at Costco Australia


Biscuits and bakery treats at Costco

Beer and Cider at Costco Australia


Adults will always need to wash down their meals with a glass of wine, whisky, beer or any kind of alcoholic drink you prefer. Beers and cider available include; Tooheys Extra Dry, Heineken, Corona and Guinness Draught, which are just a few of the brands. Cocktails blend in well with vodkas and Costco has a stock of Kirkland Signature Vodka, Smirnoff Red, Belvedere Pure Vodka and Crystal Head Vodka. The price for vodka is between $45 and $85 per liter. Whisky can’t be left out. It includes Scotch, Bourbon, Canadian and Tennessee whisky. Some of the brands are Johnnie Walker Scotch, Chivas Regal, Aberlour, Jameson Irish, Jack Daniel’s, Jim Beam Devil’s Cu and Wild Turkey.

Alcohol and beer at Costco

Vodka at Costco Australia


Vodka Costco

Whisky at Costco Australia


Whisky Costco

Other products like television sets are also there. Loaded Trolley does not accept responsibility for incorrect pricing on this page. This is not a claim to the stock being available too.

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