Costco Australia Television Price List

Here are the latest prices for televisions stocked in Costco Warehouses in Australia. This price list was updated at 12th November 2014 (see below for updates) and is based on stock and prices at the Ringwood store in Melbourne.

Loaded Trolley accepts no responsibility for incorrect pricing shown on this page, nor is this a claim to stock being available.

Brand Size
Model Price
LG 50 LB5820 899.99
LG 55 LB58 1199.99
LG 55 UB820T 1599.99
LG 55 UC970T 2499.99
LG 55 EC930 3399.99
LG 60 LB56 1289.99 $310 off
LG 65 LB5840 2289.99
LG 65 UB950T 2939.99 $420 off
LG 65 LB7500 2979.99 $270 off
LG 70 LB6560 2539.95 $260 off
Panasonic 32 Viera AS610 489.98
Panasonic 50 A430 859.99
Panasonic 50 A640 899.99
Panasonic 58 AX800 2489.99 $610 off
Samsung 32 H5500 499.99
Samsung 40 H5000 539.99
Samsung 40 H5500 659.99
Samsung 40 H6400 769.99
Samsung 48 H5500 879.99
Samsung 55 H6300 1149.98
Samsung 55 H7000 1589.98
Samsung 55 H6800 1599.99
Samsung 55 HU7200 2099.99 $300 off
Samsung 65 H6400 2099.99
Samsung 65 HU7200 3269.99 $730 off
Samsung 65 H8000 3299.97
Samsung 65 HU8500 3699.97
Samsung 65 HU9000 3979.99 $220 off
Samsung 75 H7000 4939.99 $810 off
Samsung 78 HU9000 8899.99 $1100 off
Sony 40 W60B 589.99 $40 off
Sony 49 X8500B 1699.98
Sony 50 Bravia W80B 1099.99
Sony 60 Bravia W600B 1379.99
Sony 60 Bravia W850B 1599.99
Sony 70 Bravia W85B 2399.99 $300 off

Updated June 2015 – Costco Docklands

The Costo Australia Television Price List will perfectly guide you to buy a budget friendly TV with high quality features. The television sets in our warehouses are in the best condition to give clear, high quality and high definition images. Check out the variety of brands and sizes available then choose what suits you.

LG UF770T. This HD TV has a screen that is 60 inches wide. It has a 200 Hz refresh rate and the backlight is 4K Ultra HD. The price for this TV is 2999.99 AUD.

SAMSUNG J6200. The TV is 60 inches wide and has LED 1080P Full HD. It has WIFI built in and 2 HDMI ports as well as 2 USB ports. This set is a 2015 model and has smart TV functions. The refresh rate is 120 CMR and it is priced at 2499.99 AUD.

PANASONIC VIERA CS610 series. It has full HD and WiFi & Netflix in built for easy and fast internet connections. It also includes 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB input ports. The Smart TV is 40 inches wide and displays very clear pictures. The cost is 1049.99 AUD.

SONY BRAVIA W700C. This full HD SONY TV is 40 inches and has screen mirroring & MHL for you to view your phone’s contents. It is in built with WiFi and has Bass reflex speaker to output great audio quality. It is priced at 899.99 AUD only.

LG LF6300. This is a smart TV that has 60 inches in width. It displays LED 1080p full HD images and has a dual core processor. WiFi is in built and there is a 2.0 USB port. It is priced at 2229.99 AUD.

PANASONIC VIERA CS610 series. The set is 60 inches wide and contains LED 1080P full HD graphics. It has smart TV features and is sold at 2199.99 AUD.

SONY BRAVIA W600B. This smart TV is a whole 60 inches and has LED 1080P full HD graphics. Wifi is in built, USB and HDMI ports are available too. It has a sound booster, parental control features and is priced at 1259.98 AUD.

SAMSUNG HU900 series. This curved 78 inch screen TV is a 2015 model. It has 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports for all the inputs you want to connect. You will not have the need to disconnect USB and HDMI devices since the ports are too many. It will cost you 9879.99 AUD.

LG UC970T series. This 55 inch screen is curved to give a clearer all angles view. It is a smart TV with twin HD tuner. It has an upscale ultra HD engine with a magic remote. The refresh rate is 100Hz and it also has a web OS. The cost is 2499.99 AUD only.


SAMSUNG J6200 55” LED 1080P FULL HD TV – 1749.99 AUD


LG LF6300 65” LED 1080P FULL HD TV – 2899.99 AUD

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