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Loaded Trolley is dedicated to bringing you the latest news about Costco Australia with a focus on price lists and product reviews.

Over the coming months we will be providing regular product reviews from the Loaded Trolley team as well as sharing with you the favourites of the Loaded Trolley community to help you uncover more of the hidden secrets that lie within the Costco aisles.

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Soft Drinks and Juice at Costco Australia

Whether your catering for a large group of people at a Christmas function or you just want a stash of soft drinks or juice to keep you cool in the Australian summer, Costco has you covered. Here is a list of bulk packed soft drinks and juices that Costco Australia typically stocks in its warehouse stores. Angostura Lemon Lime and Bitters, 12 x 300ml cans - $12.79 - $3.55 per litre; $1.07 per can Bundaberg Ginger Beer, Sarsparella or Lemon, Lime and Bitters, 12 x 340ml bottles - $11.69 - $2.87 per litre; $0.97 per bottle Saxbys Original Stone Ginger Beer, 12 x 375ml bottles - $11.39 - $2.53 per litre; $0.95 per bottle Sanpellegrino Fruit Flavoured Sparkling Mineral Water - Chinoto, Aranciate Rossa or Limonata, 24 x 330ml cans - $24.99 - $3.16 per litre; $1.04 per [...]

Dairy and Eggs and Costco Australia

Eggs, eggs and more eggs - always at Christmas time we use lots of eggs - breakfast, quick dinners and lots of desserts, like the traditional Pavlova. Natures Dozen Free Range Pure & Natural Eggs 18-pack - $4.49 ($0.25 each) Natures Dozen Cage Eggs 30-pack - $5.39 ($0.18 each) Natures Dozen Cage Eggs 180-pack - $26.99 ($0.15) Lush Valley Thickened Cream 1Litre - $3.29 ($0.33 per 100ml) Dairy Whip Whipped Cream Can 500g - $5.29 ($1.06 per 100g) Pauls Double Thick Chocolate Custard 900g - $2.99 ($0.33 per 100g) Pauls Vanilla Custard 2Litre - $4.69 ($0.23 per 100ml) Procal Light Sour Cream 1kg - $3.99 ($0.40 per 100g) *Note that it is possible that available stock, brands and prices may vary from store to store depending on sourcing of the [...]

What Will Be On Your Christmas Dinner Table?

We were walking through Costco's Docklands store last week trying to figure out what types of articles to write on Loaded Trolley over the coming weeks. Given that we are now in December and leading into Christmas, I think it would be a good time to do cost comparisons of the typical items that Australians serve on their table for Christmas lunch or dinner, or perhaps for those family or work Christmas gatherings. In my own head from our family Christmas table we have chicken, prawns, potato and salad ingredients. However there is so much more that we serve and, of course, every family has their own traditions for the food that they serve at Christmas. So please contribute to this discussion, either in the comments section below on through our Facebook page. Add the types of food that [...]

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