12 Days of Costco Christmas – Day 3

Want to bring some festive cheer to the neighbourhood? Does your outdoor lighting display need something more than the two hundred thousand LEDs strung across your house? Well how about some Christmas figurines on the lawn? Coscto Australia has a few stocked on their shelves to offer. Check them out…

Lit, 1 metre tall, tinsel Santa – $129.99 [yes, more lights in this if you don’t already have enough in your display!]


Indoor/Outdoor Santa figurine (66.5cm tall) – $49.98


Indoor/Outdoor Christmas Snowman (101.6cm tall) – $134.99


Indoor/Outdoor Christmas Moose (108.2cm tall) – $134.99 [my favorite, but they only had two on the floor when I was last at Costco]

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