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12 Days of Costco Christmas Day 7

12 Days of Costco Christmas – Day 7

Hi!! Welcome back! I hope you have been enjoying our 12 Days of Costco Christmas series. IMHO (which means In My Humble Opinion for those who arent quite up on web-speak yet) this last half of the series is definitely the best! Todays post covers all things Christmas Tree!

Item No#1 is a beautiful 1.8 metre LED Blossom Tree. Worst thing about it is that its taller than me… well…not really..taller than me…I mean…it is taller than me but thats not the worst thing about it…I dont actually think theres anything bad about it. In fact it looks quite lovely all lit up. The 1.8m Blossom Tre has 504 LED lights and comes with a 5m lead wire.  Cost: $189.99











Item No#2 is a 1.9m (6.5ft) Christmas Tree. The base diameter of this tree is almost a meter arund. Cost: $128.99








Moving on to Item No#3 (yes its bigger). This Christmas  Tree stands at 2.28M (7.5Fft) with and almost 1.5m diameter.  Cost: $199.99








Item No#4 is a whopping 2.74m (9ft) Christmas Tree with a base spread of approx 1.6m diameter. Cost: $299.99









No matter what size your Christmas Tree everyone needs Item No#5 – a Tree Storage Duffle Bag! It fits an artificial trees from 1.83m (6ft) up to 2.74m (9ft).  Cost: $31.99





Item No#6 is a Christmas Tree Skirt – so far we have seen 3x designs. It is 1.67m diameter. Cost:$35.99











From the bottom to the top – Item No#7 is an LED Tree Topper Star.  What I love about this star is that its battery operated, meaning no cords hanging down to the floor. It has 20 LED lights behind gold glitter sequins, and if you happened past our place in December you would see one on our tree. Cost: $7.79

12 Days of Costco Christmas – Day 7

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