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12 Days of Costco Christmas Day 8

12 Days of Costco Christmas – Day 8

Day 8 is all about ORNAMENTS!!!

Instead of saving the best for last I wanted this first item to be at the top of the list since it is so special. Who doesn’t love a little bit of ‘bling’ at Christmas time? Or anytime for that matter?!

Limited Edition Swarovski 2012 Ornament

Made in Austria, by Swarovski this beautiful limited edition crystal snowflake can be found at various outlets retailing for well over $100. Costco has them for just $69.99. They feature a silver tone metal tag engraved as 2012, and are strung on a white ribbon. These are an annual limited edition item by Swarovski and include a certificate of authenticity, and come with a gift box. Ornament diameter is 7.5cm.





















Tree Ornaments

Next on our list are Costco boxes of 50x Shatterproof Christmas Tree Ornaments. There are a variety of colour sets available and these look absolutely stunning. At just $24.78 per box they are fantastic value for money.









There are also these boxes of 45x Shatter Resistant Hand Decorated Christmas Tree Ornaments which have a variety of bauble shapes in them for $33.48 making them great value also.











The other type of ornaments they have, which aren’t to everyone’s taste, are plush ornaments. This 8x pack of Plush Toy Christmas Ornaments are quite cute, and while not everyone wants stuffed toys hanging all over their tree, at $18.99 this 8x pack is ideal to break down into individual gifts, which is what my daughter wants to do for her close friends this Christmas.











Big Decorative Ornaments

Ever looked at the big baubles at shopping centres and thought “I wish…” or “That would look great in my…” ? Well Costco has some big baubles that look grate hanging anywhere! I love these boxes of 6x Shatter Resistant Hand Decorated Super-sized Ornaments the most. I know, only 6 in a box. But they are huge!!! They can be used indoors or outdoors and are 150mm diameter. The set also comes with 2.6m of foliage wire for hanging. The box of 6x sells at Costco for $23.39

12 Days of Costco Christmas – Day 8

One thought on “12 Days of Costco Christmas – Day 8

  1. Hi,
    every year i go to Costco in the hope of buying the 6x Shatter Resistant Hand Decorated Super-sized Ornaments, and they are either sold out or not available yet and i miss out. Can you tell me if you sell these direct to the public or if i can order them online or how i can ensure i get a hold of them this year PLEASE.

    thank you so much.


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