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12 Days of Costco Christmas Day 9

12 Days of Costco Christmas – Day 9

I cant believe we are already at Day 9 of our ’12 Days of Costco Christmas’!

Since Costco opened in Melbourne one of our favorite products every year has been the gift wrap. We also buy their regular wrap for Birthdays but thats another blog post. The Costco giftwrap is generally somewhat thicker than we are used to, meaning the corners dont tear when wrapping boxes, and the paper stays nice and smooth.

Kirkland Signature Extra Wide Giftwrap –  $15.79  (30m x 1.3m wide)

If you are like me and you like to be able to wrap everything (even something as big as a bike) then this wrap is for you. It’s nice and thick (i.e tough!) and is extra wide so you can wrap anything!

















Kirkland Signature Christmas Tissue Paper – $8.39 (160 sheets)

The picture of this does not really do it justice. Suffice to say this tissue paper has a beautiful look and feel. It has a combination of patterned, foil, solid colour and white sheets. Each sheet measures 50.8cm x 50.8cm.









Kirkland Signature Luxury Foil/Embossed Giftwrap – $16.98  (36metre Counter Roll)

This thick embossed giftwrap is fantastic for both home an commercial use. It has a wonderful feel to it and is very hard to crinkle.











Kirkland Signature Holographic/Foil wrap 4-pack – $15.99 (total 24 metres)

This wrap has a more elegant look and would look fantastic for wrapping and stacking multiple gifts.











Kirkland Signature Reversible Giftwrap – $14.99 (49 metre Counter Roll)

I love this wrap – mainly because I love reversible wrapping paper (like I said we buy the regular gift wrap for presents and its so nice to have wrap that can be turned inside out).










12 Days of Costco Christmas – Day 9

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