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12 Days of Costco Christmas Wrap-Up | Loaded Trolley

12 Days of Costco Christmas Wrap-Up

Here’s a little summary of the ’12 Days of Costco Christmas’ that we just completed where we looked at many of the products Costco’s Australian stores are carrying.

  • Day 1 – Christmas cards
  • Day 2 – Indoor-Outdoor festive/fairy lights
  • Day 3 – Decorative Christmas figurines
  • Day 4 – Household Christmas decorations…and a Santa suit!
  • Day 5 – More household Christmas decorations
  • Day 6 – Even more household Christmas decorations
  • Day 7 – Christmas trees and accessories
  • Day 8 – Christmas ornaments
  • Day 9 – Christmas gift wrap
  • Day 10 – Gift wrap accessories
  • Day 11 – Christmas crackers
  • Day 12 – Sweet treats and Christmas cookbooks

In all that, we have yet to cover much of the toys and other gifts Costco Australia has on their giant shelves (although we have shown some deals on Lego that Costco has on offer). Keep an eye out in coming days and weeks to see how Costco can help cover your Christmas gift shopping.

12 Days of Costco Christmas Wrap-Up

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