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5 Kilos of Nutella - It's a Costco Thing | Loaded Trolley

5 Kilos of Nutella – It’s a Costco Thing

I first saw giants jars, or are they tubs, of Nutella at a pizza place. You know, the kind that does dessert calzones filled with sweet treats. Clearly a giant jar of Nutella is a catering necessity for these places. Well, whether you are running a pizza shop or just like sweet, hazelnutty, chocolatey spread Costco has you covered.

Costco Nutella 5kg Price

Costco is stocking 5kg jars (or perhaps tubs) of Nutella Hazelnut spread in Australia for $59.99, or about $1 per 100g. And for the sake of novelty, here is a picture of my hand grabbing a giant 5kg jar (or tub) of Nutella…

Compare Nutella price in Amazon

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Nutella wholesale size price

5 Kilos of Nutella – It’s a Costco Thing

7 thoughts on “5 Kilos of Nutella – It’s a Costco Thing

  1. I am searching for the 5kg jar of Nutella somehwere in Australia.not the white caterers bucket but the one you sold years ago.i have even emailed Ferrero and they have Not replied.
    Can you please help me? Thanks Teresa Golin

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