5 Kilos of Nutella – It’s a Costco Thing

I first saw giants jars, or are they tubs, of Nutella at a pizza place. You know, the kind that do dessert calzones filled with sweet treats. Clearly a giant jar of Nutella is a catering necessity for these places.

Well, whether you are running a pizza shop or just like sweet, hazelnutty, choclatey spread Costco has you covered. Costco is stocking 5kg jars (or perhaps tubs) of Nutella Hazelnut spread in Australia for $49.99, or about $1 per 100g. Right now, that is not the best price that you will find as Coles has 750g jars for $6.00 on sale which is $0.80 per 100g, but lets’s face it, a giant jar (or tub) of Nutella has novely factor. And at some stage, I am sure Coles will go back to the regular price of $8.24 for the 750g Nutella jar.

And for the sake of novelty, here is a picture of my hand grabbing  giant 5kg jar (or tub) of Nutella…

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