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A Couple Of Bargains Spotted At Costco Docklands | Loaded Trolley

A Couple Of Bargains Spotted At Costco Docklands

As I was wandering through Costco at Docklands yesterday, I spotted a couple of bargains on the shelves.

The first one was an item we have covered previously as already being a bargain at the regular Costco price, the Filofax Domino Personal diary.


Back when we first looked at it we found that the original Costco price of $34.99 was far better that Officeworks who had it at $57.18. Checking the price again online at Officeworks, they have not dropped their price, but Costco has really pulled the bottom out of their price. The Costco price at Docklands yesterday was $9.97. I guess they need to shelf space for new stock. In fact, that is better than any online price we found as well.

Get the Filofax Domino Personal while it’s hot though, as they only had a few black ones left at Docklands. There were plenty of pink and purple though. Don’t forget, these diaries are refillable too.

The second bargain I picked up on was the Coleman 4-person dome tent. We bought the big brother to this tent that Costco were stocking and it was fantastic. I have no doubt that this tent will also be a great quality item from Coleman and the price is great. From memory, Costco was selling these tents around the $100 mark. Costco at Docklands have dropped the price to $49.97.

Looking at places like Ray’s Outdoors and Boating-Camping-Fishing you will struggle to find a quality 4-person tent at this price. So whether it’s an Easter camping trip on the cards or early preparation for next summer, get onto this special deal while it’s hot.



Also, if you have seen these deals at other Australian Costco stores, let us the Loaded Trolley community know in the comments section below.

A Couple Of Bargains Spotted At Costco Docklands

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