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Autobarn’s story starts in 1985, when a group of nine automotive retailers (as well as enthusiasts) joined together to start a cooperative of auto parts and accessories. The group specialized in Victorian automotive parts and accessories retailers joined forces and named the new co-op Autobarn, bonding together to create what has become a remarkable business in Australia today.

The group initially focused on creating a presence in Australia. They wanted to be known for their expertise and able to compete with the big players, too. The auto parts business had begun to take a hit due to more big box retailers, hardware stores and other retailers selling common car parts and tools. Sure, they were saturating the market, but they were also watering the quality of the parts and tools down. By working together, they were able to buy directly from manufacturers and foster relationships with high quality, specialized brands. They also were able to get their message out to the masses, using their monetary resources to advertise their cooperative to the masses.  They also planned to offer their expertise to their customers, a practice that keeps the franchise successful to this day.

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Within five years of opening, Autobarn had grown to 28 stores, and in 1991, the co-operative members voted to make the store available nationally under a formalised franchise system. Today, the franchise boasts 111 total storefronts.


In June 2015, the Burson Group Limited entered into an agreement to acquire the company that owns the Autobarn brand. The results promise to be an automobile lover’s powerhouse. Burson is Australia’s trade specialist automotive aftermarket parts distributor, which will give customers access to even better savings on specialized parts. It’s an exciting time to be a car enthusiast in Australia. Customers will continue to enjoy the expertise of the Autobarn brand, and enjoy shopping Catalogue knowledge and friendly, professional service is part of the experience.

Getting the Most Out Of Autobarn

At Autobarn, whatever your automotive need or dream is, there are experts available to recommend the proper tools and products to get it done. The chain has over 111 stores across Australia and each of them is independently owned and operated. As a franchise, however, they all have the same values that hold true. Autobarn Franchisees are very committed to their business, their customers and their communities. They love working with cars and helping people discover their passions while working on them.

Autobarn is known for giving free advice and having experts at their customer’s disposal. When you meet with a staff member, they’ll ask you your goals, find out what kind of vehicle you’re working on, and ask you about the labor. In some cases you’ll find you could benefit from having them help you install the product. Often, you’ll learn the most cost effective way to do things is by yourself.  The staff can also help you kit out your car stereo system, do your own tune-ups, or add showroom modifications to your favorite vehicle.

There’s another reason customers choose to shop with Autobarn– there are experts on almost everything you need to know about your car. If you’re uncertain about the right tools or parts, a quick phone call or trip to the store can help you figure out the tools you need to get the job done. There are also a lot of great accessories such as light globes, roof racks and baby seats that are accredited by the Australian Child Restraint Initiative Resource accredited baby seat fitting specialists in many stores.

If you’re unsure what you are looking for when you’re shopping, call over an assistant to help you, and if you’re shopping online, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone to call your local store.

Save Time Using Autobarn’s Click & Collect Service

Save Time Using Autobarn’s Click & Collect Service

If you are unable to make a trip to a store in person, you can still order the parts you need and save some time in the process. Autobarn offers a special online service called “Click & Collect” for customers who know what they need and are willing to pick up their items. Orders placed online are available for pickup within four business hours of your payment. You’ll be able to skip the crowd. As a customer, you can browse a wide range of products and check out online, placing the order any time of day or night. You’ll also have the advantage of knowing that what you want to order is in stock and reserved for you at the store of your choice.

The Autobarn staff members will pull your items from the shelf and collect them to await pick up. When your order is ready to be collected, you’ll get a notification via email that will include your order confirmation number. Bring this email with you – you can print it out or have it ready on your phone or tablet, and bring photo identification as well. (A current drivers licence or passport will do.)

When using the Autobarn Click & Collect service, You can only pick up your items during regular business hours, and orders received less than 4 hours before close of business are usually available the following business day.) Not all products from your local store will be available via Click & Collect, however, you can typically order new batteries, bulbs, oils and lubricants, as well as accessories, repair kits, and other essential tools.

Save Even More Money with Autobarn’s Autoclub

Save money the next time you place an Autobarn order or visit the store by joining Autobarn’s VIP program, Autoclub.  When you sign up, you’ll instantly get a coupon good for 20% off you r net purchase, and you’ll also be privy to special club discount, sales, and offers. You’ll also get up-to-date with motoring news from around the globe and be the first to know when the current Autobarn catalogue hits the streets. The catalogue will always have the best information on sales, specials and new products for you to try our on your motorcars.

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