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Avex Shake And Go Tumblers | Loaded Trolley

Avex Shake And Go Tumblers

Here’s is a product Costco have that I use every day, the AVEX Shake & Go tumbler. Costco is selling 3 packs of these tumblers and the latest price I found at the Costco Docklands Warehouse is $22.97. Yep, that is another Costco ’97 cent special’ and a better deal that when bought mine from Costco a couple of months ago at around the $27 mark.

I bought the tumblers because I determined in the long run they were going to save me money. I used to buy a pre-made iced coffee everyday for $3.60. When I saw these at Costco I did a quick calculation in my head and figured if I made my own ice coffee with these AVEX tumblers I would potential recover my costs within one month. Since buying them I think the costs were covered even quicker. An example of my costs for the iced coffee I make in these is, conservatively:

  • Double shot of espresso ~ 50 cents (Kirkland Colombian coffee beans)
  • Milk ~ 350ml @ $2 per 2 litres ~ 35 cents
  • Sugar – 1 tsp ~ 1 cent
  • Ice cubes ~ free (I make the iced coffee at work so I keep some ice cubes in a tray in the freezer)
  • Use of the coffee machine at home to make 2 shots of coffee ~ 5 cents

That makes it 91 cents for my own ice coffee versus the $3.60 I use to pay for a pre-made ice coffee, or a saving of $2.69 per day. At the $27 I originally paid for them I covered my costs within 2 weeks of use (10 working days). Not only that my home made iced coffee is probably lower in sugar than the store bought one. Thanks Costco Australia for bringing this product into my life!


Avex Shake And Go Tumblers

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