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Bakery Items at Costco Australia | Loaded Trolley

Bakery Items at Costco Australia

So I wrote most of this post out, and forgot to save. Therefore the auto save didn’t kick in so when the internet crashed I lost all my work. What you are reading below is ‘Version 2’ of the bakery items at Costco. It does not include everyday items like bread, rolls, breakfast muffins etc as we will cover these off at a later date.

  • Mix N Match Variety Bagels 2x 6-packs 1.2kg – $9.99 ($0.83 each)
    • Plain Bagels
    • Multigrain Bagels
    • Sesame Seed Bagels
    • Cinnamon & Raisin Bagels

  • Dinner Rolls 36-pack – $5.99 ($0.17 each)

  • Batard 2-pack Onion w/Balsamic Vinegar and Sundried Tomato – $6.99 ($3.50 each)

  • Butter Croissants 12-Pack – $9.99 ($0.83 each)

  • Kronos Baklava Assortment 26-piece – $15.99 ($0.62 each)

  • Glazed Donuts 12-pack – $6.99 ($0.58)

  • Mini Pain Au Chocolat (Chocolate Crossaints) 16-pack  – $6.99 ($0.44 each)

  • Danish 12-pack Apricot, Apple, Cherry – $12.99 ($1.08 each)

  • 12 Pack Muffins – $9.99 ($0.83 each)
    • Double Chocolate
    • Blueberry
    • Mixed – Double Choc, Blueberry, Banana

  • Apple Pie 2kg – $14.99

  • Mud Cake 2.3kg – $21.99

  • Black Forest Cake  2.4kg – $21.99

  • Pumpkin Pie 1.7kg – $7.99

  • Variety Loaves 3-pack 1.3kg (Choc-chip, Apple, Blueberry) – $8.99 ($3.00 each)

  • Variety Cookies 24-pack – $9.99

  • Strawberry Cheesecake 2.4kg – $21.99

  • Traditional Fruitcake 1.7kg – $21.99


Bakery Items at Costco Australia

13 thoughts on “Bakery Items at Costco Australia

    1. Hi Alex, most of those products are available daily and sometimes sell out. There are some selected bakery items that you can order but they are the specialty decorated cakes and cupcakes. Note that some of the items in this post are seasonal such as the pumpkin pie.

  1. Can you please let me know how many pieces if cake (coffee/finger size pieces) you can make from the chocolate mud cake? The serving sizes servings are for a wedding. Thanks.

  2. No apple pie at Auburn Costco on Sunday 17/3 Bakery assistant told me they would no longer have them ,please tell me she is mistaken
    l drive a 2 hour round trip there to shop because of that pie

  3. Do you sell plain vanilla or chocolate sponge cake slabs without any icing or decorations at all? And if so, what are the dimensions and cost? Finally is it something that would need to be pre-ordered?

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