Coke Cola Can Varieties Price Drop Again at Costco Australia

Not too long ago we did a round up of the cost of Coke varieties in the various 375ml can packs Costco Australia was offering. Not long after the original post, Costco Australia dropped the price on the 20 x 375ml can slabs of Coke’s cola varieties from $14.99 to $11.69.

We noticed this weekend that Costco Australia had dropped the price even further to $11.29 for the 20 x 375ml can slab, meaning that Coke’s cola varieties are down to $0.56 per can. The best price at Coles is $42 for 3 x 24 can cases (72 cans) which works out to $0.58 per can. Meanwhile, Woolworths has 2 x 30 can pack for $34 as their best price, or a little under $0.57 per can.

We can only assume the new price at Costco is driven by the competition with Coles and Woolworths intesifying this week. It also appears that Coles and Woolworths may not be limiting the number of cases you can buy at this price either as they have in the past when prices have gotten incredibly low. It will be interesting to see what happen at the end of this price war and where Costco’s price will bounce back to.

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