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Coke Varieties Cost Confusion | Loaded Trolley

Coke Varieties Cost Confusion

The one thing you will usually find at a supermarket is that Coke varieties, and I mean all of the brands or flavours that come form the Coca-Cola factory, go on sale at the same price for the same pack size. By that I mean if a 24 can pack of ‘Coke varieties’ is on sale, it means the 24 x 375ml can packs of Coca-Cola, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Fanta, Lift and Sprite are usually all the same price.

Now up until about a month ago, Costco was only selling 24 x 330ml can packs of the Coke cola flavour ranges and the other non cola drinks were in a mixed pack of 375ml cans. Now that made cost comparison more difficult with other store more difficult, because 375ml is the typical size you will find cans at supermarkets, with 250ml being another options at places like K-Mart and Big W. Well Costco Australia has finally changed direction and moved to the 375ml cans for Coke’s cola ranges. But to add to the confusion, they are doing them in 20 can packs just to be odd, although it may also allow for a pallet optimisation.

But what is now more confusing is that the Coke cola varieties are more expensive at Costco than all other Coke varieties on a per unit basis. Here’s how it goes down at Costco Australia:

  • Coke cola varieties (Coca-Cola, Coke Zero and Diet Coke) 20 x 375ml cans = $14.99 = $0.75 per can or $2.00 per litre. Edit – 23/11/12 – I have noticed this week that Costco has dropped the price on this pack to $11.69 = $0.58 per can. That is quite possibly the best deal you will get on Coke cans this summer, but we will keep an eye on it.
  • Fanta/Lift/Sprite Variety Pack 30 x 375ml cans (12 x Fanta, 12 x Sprite, 6 x Lift) = $21.99 = $0.73 per can or $1.95 per litre
  • Fanta 24 x 375ml pack = $12.99 =  $0.54 per can or $1.44 per litre

Now that Fanta is an awesome deal and I doubt you will do better than that at any supermarket, but I am betting that between Woolworths and Coles on any given week all the Coke varieties in multi can packs will get below Costco’s price.

Let us know in the comments section below the prices you see Coke 375ml can varieties at your local supermarket.

Coke Varieties Cost Confusion

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