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For over 90 years, Coles has continued to deliver quality products, outstanding customer service and great value to millions of Australians. Founded in 1914 in Victoria, Coles operates 762 stores throughout Australia, employing over 100,000 employees across the country.

Like many well-known Australian chains, Coles grew into a business mammoth only after many years of humble beginnings. The Original Coles store was, in Wilmot, Tasmania, run by opened by George James (G. J.) Coles but owned by his father. G.J. Coles worked at the storefront from 1910 to 1913.

Coles Australia Catalogue

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The larger business of Coles itself was founded when G. J. Coles opened the ‘Coles Variety Store’ in the Melbourne, Victoria suburb of Collingwood, in 1914. In the 1950’s, Coles’ began to move into the grocery trade on a highly competitive level, acquiring the 54 John Connell Dickins grocery stores in 1958, then the Beilby’s chain in South Australia in 1959. Closing up the competitive market, in 1960, the store chain became the largest grocer in the nation when they finally purchased 265 Matthews Thompson grocery stores in New South Wales in 1960. Once these chains were purchased, Coles began building modernized storefronts that were built to appeal to families for all of their household needs. In this time period, Coles was quickly become a household name. In fact, like many big retailers of the time, Coles invested in some good PR during the 1960’s sponsoring a television quiz show called Coles £3000 Question. Later the game show upped the ante, becoming the Coles $6000 Question and then the Coles $7000 Question, allowing plenty of room for cost of living increases.

By 1973, Coles had a presence in every Australian capital city.

Quality food costs less at Coles, and there’s a reason for it. Coles concentrates on buying in bulk and building valuable relationships with wholesalers. Coles’ largest rival has always been Woolworth’s, and the two chains have engaged in price wars in a very public way over the past 50 years. Both retailers have been able to hold their ground, and both of them still compete for everyday business.

Coles has taken a particular interest in greener living and sustainability products. To do this, the store chain has worked to form lasting relationships with local, Australian farms and supports local jobs in the food industry.

Saving Money Through Coles Brands

Saving Money Through Coles Brands

Coles carries an assortment of brands for consumers, especially when it comes to high quality groceries. Coles tries to price all their selections competitively and often white-labels products with its own brand names to pass bulk savings on to consumers.  Here is a breakdown of different white labeled products that the chain offers:

  • Coles Smart Buy, you will find discounted household essentials such as paper towels and groceries. You can find these deals easily by keeping an eye out for the white and red accented packaging.
  • Coles Fines is a premium brand known for its gourmet food collection. Although the prices are comparable, the high-quality food is still of gourmet quality, so overall, the selections are more expensive than other shelf brands.
  • Coles Green Choice offers consumers a chance to reduce their carbon footprint and live green. This custom range of household products was created to be environmentally responsible and competitively priced. Every purchase also donates a small percent of its proceeds to Clean Up Australia.
  • Coles Organic features a range of foods that avoid chemicals, fertilizers, and other harmful pesticides. All Coles’ organic foods are certified by an official regulatory organisation.
  • Coles Simply Less is a product line that’s designed for price-savvy, health-aware consumers.
  • Coles Simply Gluten Free is available for those who are on gluten-restricting diets, and are priced much more fairly than other big brands. The product line itself features over 70 food items.
  • Mix Clothing is a new product line that Coles has added over the year – stock up on essentials like socks, panties, leggings, and t-shirts, all priced reasonably. Great for families.

Save Even More Money At Coles By Joining Flybuys

Save Even More Money At Coles By Joining Flybuys

Coles is a member of Flybuys, an extensive network of retailers and vendors that reward points for everyday purchases. Members of Flybuys include includes some of the largest household names, so that you can collect points on things you do everyday. Flybuys shoppers can collect on every dollar spent at Coles, with no minimum amount. Save even more money if you apply and are approved for a Coles Rewards MasterCard. Money spent using a Coles MasterCard will gives shoppers three points for every dollar spent.

Once you’ve earned your rewards with Coles, you can also earn from other businesses you frequent. For example, you can link your AGL energy home account to flybuys for exclusive ways to earn points, earn bonus points when you stock up on Coles petrol, and earn points when shopping at Kmart or Target. For a complete list of places you can use and earn your flyby points, visit the website at https://www.flybuys.com.au.

Once you’ve amassed over 1000 points, it will be time to spend them. The flybuys points can be redeemed for many different items, from home and garden and fashion to technology and travel. Most of the items that are actual products take a long time to save up for, using over 10,0000 points to trade in for them. However, make sure to check the Rewards section of flybuys to see what you qualify for. Rather than saving up for a large item, you can also transfer your points into vouchers for Mix Clothing or grocery items.

Get Even More Discounts and Specials Using the Coles App

Get Even More Discounts and Specials Using the Coles App

Coles recently released an app that works on IPhones, Mac devices, and Androids. In addition to catalogue savings, the app gives users information on sales prices, coupons, and other specials that are exclusive to the app. You can download the app for your phone or device by visiting https://www.coles.com.au/customer-service/coles-app.

Shop the Weekly Coles Catalogue Specials for Savings

Every week, Coles releases a circular with the best sales and specials on groceries, household goods, and in-season, farm-fresh foods. To save even more money, compare the catalogue with any coupons you’ve clipped and bring them with you on your next trip.

The sales and promotions will vary from store to store, so be sure to check your ad circulars weekly for the freshest deals on your favorite food and household grocery items.

Cut down on paper waste by visiting the Coles website and signing up to get the special delivered to your email address.

Save Time with Click n’ Collect

Coles will now allows customers to shop for their groceries from home, but be aware you cannot apply manufacturer’s coupons to these savings. It’s easy to use this feature, just visit the website and sign up for the service. You will need to enter your postcode so you can accurately discover what options are best for you.  Coles has two different Click n’ Collect services available for customers. You can choose your grocery list, pay for it, and check out. When you check out, you will decide if you want the groceries delivered directly to your home kitchen, or if you want to go to the local store and have the items loaded into your car. Either way, it’s a great time-saver to pick up goods that have been collected for you and you can easily save hours of browsing time every month with this option.

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