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Costco '.97' Specials At Ringwood | Loaded Trolley

Costco ‘.97’ Specials At Ringwood

On yesterday’s trip to Costco in Ringwood we spotted a number of ‘.97 specials’. Here is what we found.

Nike Lunar Gold Shoes – $39.97. Note that we previously showed these as a ‘.97 special’ when they were $59.97. The further price drop is because they only have limited sizes left, mostly sizes 7 or 10.5.


Fabric Notice Board With Pins – $19.97


Tommy Hilfiger Beach Towel – $9.97. They had a few different style of these available at the Ringwood Costco store.


Riedel Vinum Champagne Flute 2-pack – $49.97. Having a look at Myer and David Jones the cheapest you will typically pay at other bricks and mortar shops is around the $90 mark for this pack.


Over And Back 4 Piece Serving Set – $26.97.


Mann Helezon 24 Piece Glassware Set – $14.97.


Magna Cart Flatform 4 Wheeled Truck – $59.97. This hand truck has a rated capacity of 125kg.


Lee Women’s Stretch Polo Shirt – $4.97. It appeared that they only had smalls and mediums left. Colors still available were purple, navy blue, black and grey.


Kid’s Essential Stationary Pack – $9.97. This pack has; 2 x Paper Mate 6g Glue Sticks; 2 x Liquid Paper Correction Pens; 2 x Paper Mate Erasers; 10 pack Paper Mate InkJoy 100 Pens (various colors); 5 pack Paper Mate Vibz Mechanical Pencils; 2 Pack Sharpie Metallic Marker; 4 pack Sharpie Accent Highlighters; 4 Pack Sharpie Fine Markers; Rubbermaid 600ml Drink Bottle. I priced the items in the pack that were available at Officeworks [Liquid Paper, InkJoy 100’s, Vibz and all the Sharpie products] and found that they added up to $29.48. I wish I had bought one of these packs now.


Kawasaki 18 Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Drill – $99.97.


Heys Equator Widebody Spinner Suitcase – $39.97. We were not 100% if these are carry-on size but they are close. We bought one anyway because they have some good features at a great price.


Dilettante Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans – $9.97. Cindie is hoping this is not a sign they are no longer going to stock this product.


Create and Celebrate 12 Cupcake Pan/Carrier with 3 Tier Display – $9.97.


Stern Avengers Premium Editions Pinball Machine – $5999.97. I wish I had the space and the money for this!



Costco ‘.97’ Specials At Ringwood

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  1. Re: Kawasaki 18 Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Drill
    As of 04/06/2014 they are now $49.97 (Ringwood)

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