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Costco Australia Has 'Unadvertised Specials' | Loaded Trolley

Costco Australia Has ‘Unadvertised Specials’

If you visit Costco often enough and pay attention, you will find that some items go ‘on special’ but are not advertised. Don’t get me wrong, Costco has specials that are either advertised through their coupon books or as in-store specials as ‘Instant Savings’ on the ticket (see the image below), but this seems to be a sneaky ploy on the chain’s part.


Here are some examples of unadvertised specials that I picked up on last week that had a regular Costco shelf price tag:

  • The ‘First Act Discovery Junior Drum Set’ that we noted as $116.99 in one of out ‘Christmas Toys’ posts. The price last weekend was down to $79.97.
  • Also as a part of the ‘Christmas Toys’ post series, we saw that the Hasbro Mr. Potato Head 60th Birthday Container was $25.78. Last weekend Costco had the shelf price as $19.97.
  • The Techno Gears Marble Mania Mine Shaft Set was $52.99, but last weekend we saw it at $49.98.
  • The Morey Boogie Mach 9TR body board that we saw come out with the summer product range was $34.49 when we first reported on it, but it was down to $29.99 last weekend. This example is shown below.

Original Price on Morey Boogie Board


Latest Price on Morey Boogie Board


Now I say this is a sneaky ploy as I believe Costco don’t want people to complain or return low volume or slow moving products for a refund at the higher price and buy them back at the new lower price when they are trying to run out the product. If they don’t advertise these specials, it limits the risk for Costco. Just my thoughts on this practice. What do our readers think? Feel free to comment below.


Costco Australia Has ‘Unadvertised Specials’

5 thoughts on “Costco Australia Has ‘Unadvertised Specials’

  1. Andrew Sansome said:

    Good detective work.

    [[Comment imported from] at 7:43 pm on December 13, 2012]

  2. Cindie Sassons said:

    Andrew Sansome said:

    Good detective work.

    [[Comment imported from] at 7:43 pm on December 13, 2012]

    [[Comment imported from] at 1:28 pm on December 14, 2012]

  3. Just noticed yesterday that the ‘Techno Gears Marble Mania Mine Shaft Set’ is now down to $39.97. That’s a bargain. We got a similar set for the child a few years ago from Costco and it is quite a cool toy for kids who like to build.

  4. As a Costco member in the States and UK since 1992, I love these mark downs: they always do it at the end of season and the real gamble is if you want to wait for the mark down and risk not getting one at all. In the States the other key piece of info on the price tags: if you see an asterisk by the price, it means it’s going on clearance and not likely to be resupplied!

    Dying for a Costco over here in WA!!!!

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