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Costco Australia Selling Vouchers For External Services | Loaded Trolley

Costco Australia Selling Vouchers For External Services

One of the new advantages of being a Costco member is the deals they strike with some Australian companies for what I would call external services. The latest offers include discounts on gift vouchers, Plus Fitness 24/7 gym memberships and car detailing from Nanotek. Here are the deals that you can currently get in Costco Australia warehouses. $150 gift voucher for $135

I will actually be picking up a couple of these soon as the family will be heading towards Brisbane and the Gold Coast in a few months. have VIP passes for Warner-Village theme parks going for $99 at the moment, so the extra 10% discount brings it down to under $90. And don’t forget, these are not just for Warner Vilage theme parks, the has other attractions these can be used for.

One other issue to not, on the ‘Got a Gift Card’ page of, they indicate that you can only use one gift card per transaction. So if you wanted to buy more than a couple of big vouchers. You also cannot use them at the attractions, only through the website.

*Please note: you can only use one gift card per transaction. Gift Cards cannot be used at the front gate for admission, in park on food and beverage or on merchandise at any of the attractions.


Plus Fitness 24/7 Gym Membership for $499

The product card indicates that this is a saving of up to 40% and that it includes the $99 joining fee. Check their locations on the Plus Fitness 24/7 website first to make sure you have one that is accessible.

Also, don’t forget to check the fine print. The take-aways I get from the fine print are that current members cannot use the discount membership, that the annual fee in the second year will go back to the full rate and this is only a standard membership so you cannot use it at the premium ‘health club’ locations.


Two full car detailing services for $199 (save 31%) from Nanotek

Check the Nanotek website for details of their service.nanotek-car-detailing-voucher-costco-australia

Costco Australia Selling Vouchers For External Services

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