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Costco Australia Television Price List Updated | Loaded Trolley

Costco Australia Television Price List Updated

It has been a while since we updated the price list of TVs for sale at Costco Australian Warehouses. Given that there are a lot of new model TVs that have been release that became a big job, but it is a big job that is now done. You can see the list on the ‘Costco Australia Television Price List’ page.

I won’t go through the adds and deletes that have happened since the last update as there are a lot. I will make mention of the lines that they appear to want to liquidate. As we have mentioned before, prices ending in 97 cents indicate that the p[roduct is a line Costco are planning on dropping and usually indicates that there has been a price drop since Costco first stocked the line. Those ‘end of line’ TV units in the latest list are as follows (with the highest price we have previously found at Costco in brackets if known):

  • Samsung 22″ LCD ES5000 – $296.97 ($299.99)
  • Panasonic 24″ Viera X5 – $299.97 ($379.98)
  • Panasonic 42″ 3D LCD ET5 – $769.97 ($849.99)
  • Sony 46″ Bravia HX750 – $1399.99 ($1479.98)
  • Panasonic 50″ Plasma U50A – $749.97 ($829.99)
  • Panasonic 60″ Plasma ST50 – $1799.97 (1999.99)
  • Sharp 60″ LCD Aquos LC60LE630X – $1497.97 ($1599.99)

I won’t go through and price check everything on the list, but it is worth noting that at the top end of the products Costco Australia stock is the Sharp 80″ LC80LE940X which Costco is currently selling for $7639.98. A quick check online shows that currently JB H-Fi is listing it at $7199.10 and Harvey Norman has it at $7198.

Of course, the flip side to this is that the next most expensive and second biggest TV Costco has in stock in Australia is the Samsung 75″ Es9000 (UA75ES9000). Costco has it at $6439.99 where Harvey Norman is listing this one at $8488 and neither JB HiFi or The Good Guys list it on their websites. There were a few smaller online retailers that have a low list price such as Penta Group ($6485) and Streamaster Australia ($6999), but Costco are still running with the lowest price we can find in Australia.

The two examples above go to show that you cannot take Costco’s price on face value. Always do your comparisons and if you are in the market for a TV, or any other high value item, and perhaps bookmark the Loaded Trolley ‘Costco TV Price List‘ page on your smart phone. I do solemnly swear that we will be updating that page more regularly!

Costco Australia Television Price List Updated

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