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Finding Costco Toilet Paper during Covid-19

It seems that discussing toilet paper availability, toilet roll hoarding and high toilet paper prices (if you can even find some) has become a national pastime since the Covid-19 hit the mainstream Australian Media in early March 2020. As Australia’s favourite Costco fan website, we thought we’d cover the basics on Costco Australia’s toilet paper ‘situation’. Should you join the hour-long line up to get your urgent supply? Should you become a member to bulk buy toilet paper while it’s still on the shelves? We try to answer this and more in our latest product review:

What Toilet Paper is Available at Costco Australia?

Great news – as at April 9th 2020 the toilet paper in stock at Costco.

Keep an eye on this page for updates. Costco Australia also (usually) stocks Cottonelle branded paper. If you are looking for a great price it is hard to go past Kirkland Signature Toilet Paper.

Where else can I find toilet paper in Australia?

At the time of writing this review, there is limited toilet paper to be found at Woolworths or Coles, however, the sizes available in these stores are smaller than the bulk toilet paper qty you can purchase at Costco. As toilet paper is made in Australia and (we hope) the hysteria is dying down, larger quantities of your favourite soft roll should be available in a store near you very soon.

Why not consider a Costco Bidet?

Without sharing too much personal information, we have installed our own bidet and think it is brilliant. If you want to skip the big toilet paper fiasco of 2020 consider buying the Costco Bidet. If you don’t hold a Costco Membership, there are also some great bidet options available on Amazon Australia.

Finding Costco Toilet Paper during Covid-19Was there a recall on Costco Toilet Paper brand Kirkland Signature Toilet Rolls?

Amidst unprecedented media attention on toilet paper buying habits across the globe, an internet rumour started to circulate claiming Kirkland Signature Brand Toilet Paper had been recalled by Costco America. You will be happy to know that the internet mythbuster website Snopes, has confirmed this Costco toilet paper recall rumour is false.

Should you get a Costco Membership to buy bulk toilet paper?

Considering buying Costco membership JUST for the toilet paper? It is probably not worth the yearly membership fee for toiletpaper supplies on their own, however, we definitely think a Costco membership is worth it for big families, small businesses and people who prefer to buy in bulk.

Are there still extensive lines and waiting periods to enter Costco?

As of 9th April 2020 we have seen that yes, there are still lines to enter Costco Warehouses across Australia, particularly in the morning. However fast restocking means you can get most essentials, so provided you leave a good distance between you and other shoppers (and bring some wipes and sanitiser for you and the trolley), you can still visit the store. All Australian government information has strongly insisted that there is NO food shortage, so no need for panic shopping anyway.


Costco Australia Toilet Paper Vs Coles & Woolworths Toilet Paper: Archived Price Comparison

Cottonelle Toilet Paper Costco Comparo

A discussion on the price of toilet paper at Costco versus Coles and Woolworths was one of the triggers for starting Loaded Trolley. This was an interesting result for me a proves, for my mind, that Costco is the best place to buy Cottonelle toilet paper.

Unit Price: $ per 100 sheets

Average Price Best Price
Costco $0.21 $0.19
Coles $0.34 $0.21
Woolworths $0.32 $0.28


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Costco Toilet Paper: Toilet Paper Costs & Availability – Kirkland & Cottonelle

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