Costco Australia Warehouse Savings For 24th June to 7th July 2013

Costco Australia are regularly advertising specials with their ‘Warehouse Savings’ flyers. The latest of these was released late last week. These special prices are available from today to 7th July 2013.

Coscto-Australia-specials-240613-070713This time around the specials are:

  • $3 off a twin pack of Lilydale Free Range Whole Chickens – last time we checked for a ‘Basket of Goods’ comparison these twin packs were around $19 each, so $3 off is around a 15% saving off Costco’s already low price.
  • $2 off packs of Steggles Tempura Chicken Breast Nuggets making them $7.29 per 1kg pack – as a comparison Woolworths have these currently at $5.58 for a 400g pack which is $13.95/kg.
  • $1 off the Rotisserie Chicken making at $7.49 per chicken – to be honest, I was underwhelmed with the quality and taste of this Costco product the one time I bought it.
  • $1 off a 16pk Mini Pain Au Choclat (little chocolate croissants in English) making them $5.99 per pack – these are not bad, but unless you are packing a lot of kids lunches or having a group afternoon tea the used-by date can be a bit short.
  • $1 off a 5kg bag of brown onions making them $4.99 per bag or $1/kg – Woolworths has the best price of the big two supermarkets on brown onions at $1.98 for a 1kg pre-packed bag ($1.98/kg).
  • $1 off a 5kg bag of white potatoes (washed) making them $4.99 per bag or $1/kg – Coles has the best price of the big two supermarkets on white, washed potatoes at $7.90 for a 3kg pre-packed bag ($2.63/kg).

I have only just come to the realisation that Costco is no longer referring to these ‘Warehouse Savings’ as coupons. I assume this is to save the confusion with the practice that is typical in the USA and perhaps other parts of the world where you have to have the coupon in hand to get the deal. In any event, enjoy the savings…I will be off crying in the corner as we just bought a 5kg pack of potatoes last week!


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