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Costco Australia Coupons: Maximize Your Savings


Costco Australia sells everyday items as well as high-ticket goods at unbelievably low prices and offers deeply discounted wholesale prices for their products, which makes it the store of choice for thrifty Australians. Monthly and weekly sales, a great food court/picnic area, as well as on-going price wars with chains like Woolworths has made Costco the go-to store for working families on a budget.

Costco membership is pretty great. But did you know that Costco members could save even more money if they pay attention to Costco coupons? Costco doesn’t accept manufacturers coupons, but they often have special members-only coupons, special sales, and store rebates available to customers.

Many members of Costco in Australia don’t pay attention to coupons, but you should, and here’s why: Just like Costco’s unbeatable shelf prices, many Costco coupons offer once-in-a-blue-moon savings on your favorite brands, but only for a limited time. This is why when you’re trying to get bargain basement prices at your next Costco outing; you’re going to need to be savvy.

Costco Coupons (Valid until 22 November 2015

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Costco Coupons 02

Costco Coupons 02

Costco Connection Spring 2015
Costco Connection Spring 2015


Where Can I Find Coupons For Costco in Australia?

Find Coupons For Costco

Costco sends out coupons and deal booklets to members via mailers and often has attendants standing outside the front door handing out booklets as well. Because Costco mostly sells in bulk when it comes to household supplies and food, you’re not allowed to use outside manufacturer’s coupons.

It’s important to know that Costco typically only offers manufacturers coupons about twice a year, but the coupons are usually good until the next coupon cycle. For this reason, it’s important to take a circular when you arrive in person to one of the Costco Australia. You can technically use the same coupon for a number of trips, but only if you keep multiple circulars on hand.

Make sure that when you join Costco you provide an email address where you can be reached. (If you didn’t hand your email over to Costco when you registered, you can always stop by and visit Member’s Services to give them your email addresses.)

Costco uses emails to provide members with a sample of the coupons and a link to download them off the website.  Some coupon websites also feature coupons and savings codes for Costco Australia. You just have to remember to check back every week to find the savings.

Take Advantage Of “Instant Coupons” At Costco Australia

Costco offers special instant coupon deals they call “Instant Savings” at various locations every week. These specials are often advertised via flyers you get in the mail and they are only available for Costco members. The savings are applied to your merchandise when you check out.

Sometimes you don’t know about these instant coupons until you’ve arrived at the Costco warehouse. Make sure to look closely at your sales circular and check the items against your shopping list.

Manufacturers Rebates Offer Even More Savings 

Manufacturers Rebates

In addition to coupon savings, sometimes Costco products that are on sale also offer a “Manufacturer’s Rebate.” Usually these rebates are incorporated into the advertising and sales cards labeling the merchandise. In order to take advantage of these rebates, you’ll often need to save a copy of the receipt and sometimes will need to cut the UPC code from the packaging. These rebates are mailed directly to that company or you can submit your information for a rebate using a form Costco offers online or on the product page if you’re placing an order online.

A few important things to know about getting manufacturer’s rebates at Costco:

  • If you’re shopping online, your shipping confirmation email is required to submit your rebate. If you purchased at the warehouse, you’ll need the information from the bottom of the receipt.
  • Members can submit information for manufacturer’s rebates online. If a guest wants to get a rebate, they have to use the regular postal mail, but they are not excluded.
  • Online submissions must be entered within 30 days of expiration and it takes about 4-6 weeks to process the request and for you to receive your check.
  • You can submit online here! 

Membership Has Its Privileges: Costco Australia’s Refund Policies

It’s not just coupons that can save you money at Costco.  Simply being a member has its benefits – and among these benefits there is an incredibly generous return policy that, so far, no retailer in Australia has been able to match. Costco offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee that allows members to return an item at any time.  So if you’re interested in taking advantage of amazing savings on a big electronics purchase like a flat-screen television or laptop, and the item stops working (even if the manufacturer’s warranty has expired) you can return the item to Costco for a refund.

The same is true for smaller-ticket items that you buy in bulk. For example, if you stock up on light bulbs or batteries and find a few bad ones in the pack, you can return to Costco and speak with their member representative to work out an amicable solution.

Costco even offers this guarantee for membership itself – you can join up and get a full refund on your membership if you’re not happy with it!

6 More Tips For Maximizing Your Coupon Savings At Costco Australia 

Your Coupon Savings At Costco Australia

Lots of Australian families save big bucks at their local Costco warehouse every month, but it’s important to note that there are a few strategies that can help you maximize your savings. 

  1. Always shop with a list. Many frugal moms and dads out there will actually use the weekly sales circular to help them plan their shopping trips.
  2. Pay attention to in-store promotions and sales. Often you’ll find that a specific Costco location has a “can’t be beat” special. For example, there are some Aussie moms on Facebook that have coupon clubs that they also use to alert each other to sales on nappies and other costly baby supplies. When you see a good in-store sale, stock up, because you’ll never know when those savings will return.
  3. Be aware of special prices. What some savvy Australian shoppers discovered last year was that Costco has a pricing strategy that’s actually coded by sales/promotion type. For example, price stickers with an asterisk (*) are being discontinued, so it’s best to stock up because you won’t see them at Costco again. Prices ending in .97 are on sale because they’re trying to move the rest of their stock – this means the prices will only last until the last item is sold from the current inventory. Deals that are initiated by the manufacturer are priced with .79 or .49 at the end of the price.
  4. Check out the discount item trolleys. Throughout the store, there are trolleys packed with “dented” merchandise, returned items and sometimes the final item in stock. These prices are usually heavily discounted and marked as “last chance” or “manager markdowns”. If you’re looking for a deal, you’re sure to find it – but if you have children on your trip with you, it may be wise to send them ahead to the picnic area instead.
  5. Match coupons to in-store savings. Keep an eye on ad circulars for sales on Costco merchandise to pair with the coupons. Many savvy shoppers go to great lengths to stretch their dollars, and the best way to do this is to plan ahead and be willing to switch brands if one item costs less than your favorite brand.
  6. Not ready to go all-in? Shop with a buddy. Many younger families have found it cost effective to share their shopping trip with somebody who has similar needs. For example, maybe you can’t fathom needing 32 rolls of toilet paper, but you’re happy to split that purchase with your neighbor or your sister’s family. Buying in bulk doesn’t mean that you have to use it all yourself. Be creative, make lists, and stock up together. Nobody will ever fault you for trying to pass the savings on!

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