Costco Easter Product Line Round Up

Here is a list of Easter relates products Costco’s Australian stores are stocking this year. The items and prices are based on Costco’s Docklands store. I think you will find in most cases they are on the right side of the cost equation if you compare them to your local supermarket.

Costco Australia Easter Product Lines
Choclatier 6 Egg Selection [150g]2-Pack (total 300g) $12.99
Kinder Surprise Maxi Egg (150g) $11.99
Belfine Belgian ChocolateHappy Duck Family Eggs (210g) $12.99
Hillier’s Ultimate EggMilk Almond or Dark Hazelnut (500g) $14.98
Cadbury Dairy Milk Egg Casket (250g) $7.49
Heritage Cylinder of Eggs [65 x 17g] (1.105kg) $18.99
M&Ms Easter Milk Bucket $8.49
M&Ms Snuggle Buddy Plush Toy and Eggs (125g) $11.99
Hauswirth Large Variety Easter Bag (700g) $15.69
Famous Makers Solid Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs (1.5kg) $17.69
Choclatier Bunnies and Mini Egg [80g]4-Pack (total 320g) $12.99
Guylian Easter Egg (200g) $13.99
Cadbury Mini Creme Eggs [24 x 58g] (1.4kg) $34.99
Cadbury Creme Eggs – 8 pack (312g) $7.89
Cadbury Marshmallow Hot Cross Buns [40 x 25g] (1kg) $29.99
Cadbury Marshmallow Great Bunny [40 x 35g] (1.4kg) $29.99
Mars Mini Eggs (125g) $2.99

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