Costco Now Offering Gift Vouchers In Australian Warehouses


Somewhere in your Australian Costco Warehouse you will find a display with an array of cards that you take to the checkout to be exchanged for items such as discount movie tickets, vouchers for restaurants and attractions or even Costco memberships. A new item has popped up in that display for Costco gift vouchers in $50 denominations.

Now, before you after read American websites that say non members can use them to make purchases and run out and buy them for non members make sure you read the fine print. Here are the terms and conditions as stated on the display card:

This certificate can only be redeemed for merchandise or services at any Costco Australia location excluding Gasoline, online memberships or online renewals.

Gift certificate only available to current Costco members to purchase and redeem.

Costco is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged, defaced or destroyed certificates. Certificates presented without all original security feature (including duplicates, photocopies or electronic copies) will be deemed void and not accepted. Costco reserves the right to subject any certificate to verification and security checks.

This certificate should be treated as cash and kept secure.

Any change will be given in cash.

Certificate is valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

These conditions are different to those found on cash cards found in North America where, in particular, both members and non-members can use the cards to shop at Costco.

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