Costco Ringwood Update November 2012

Some time ago, Costco confirmed the next Australian location for a Costco store would be in Ringwood in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne, right next to Eastland Shopping centre. Construction has since begun after the tender was awarded to Cockram Constructions and the site has been levelled and foundations for the new Costco store have been laid.

Today Costco has informed those interested in joining when the Ringwood store is opened that the target for opening the latest Costco store is the second half of 2012. Don’t get too excited as it was a typo which was confirmed by Costco Australia. Costco Ringwood will actually open in the second half of 2013, and I would hope that will be early in the 2nd half of 2013.

For those of you that don’t know where in Ringwood the new Costco store will be, they are constructing the new store on the old Ringwood Market site (see map below).

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If you are looking for a job at the new Costco store in Ringwood, Costco Australia have indicated that they will be recruiting early next year, so keep an eye on the Costco Australia website. From what we hear of employment conditions at Costco in the USA, they do like to keep their employees happy and pay above the industry minimum. It might be a little different in Australia given the minimum award wages at state and federal level, but often global corporate policy is an overriding factor.

Costco Ringwood Update November 2012

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