Costco Ringwood Update

According to an email update we received from Costco Australia today, there is plenty to tell about the progress of Victoria’s second Costco site in Ringwood.

Construction is well underway with the concrete sales floor almost complete and the steel wall supports going up rapidly – we will have some photos of the build progress to share with you soon.

Costco has also set up a temporary office within the local Eastland Shopping Center. You can collect a Costco membership brochure, make enquiries about membership and employment, and see some of the items Costco will have on offer in the warehouse.

You can also sign up early for membership online at which will allow you to register an email to receive information and offers from the Ringwood warehouse. However your membership will be valid for 12 months from the opening of Ringwood, which we assume means it will not be valid for use at the Docklands or any other site until the Ringwood store opening.

If you are keen, they are also in the process of hiring team members for the Ringwood site via the AU website

The address and contact details for the temporary Office at Eastland is:

Costco Ringwood
Temporary Membership Office
Shop G45, Eastlands Shopping Centre
Ringwood, VIC 3134
Tel: (03) 8873 6700

Costco Ringwood Update

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