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Costco vs. Catch Of The Day: Philips SoundBar | Loaded Trolley

Costco vs. Catch Of The Day: Philips SoundBar

One of the daily emails that comes into my inbox everyday is from Catch Of The Day. I usually ignore it, but sometimes the subject piques my interest so I have a look at the contents. Name brand home entertainment is usually the type of stuff that gets my attention, so I happened to open up one particular email from Catch Of The Day a few days ago.

That email had a Philips SoundBar home theatre system in it. I took a screen dump of it as I was sure I had seen the same item at Costco.

I thought Costco’s price was similar, but I wasn’t sure. On my next visit to Costco, I had a look through the home entertainment section with an eye on finding the Philips SoundBar and there it was at Costco in Melbourne for $299.99. Now I cannot be 100% if the items were identical as I could not go back to check the Catch Of The Day website for a model number, but it certainly looks the same and I can only see one model of the SoundBar on the Philips website.

So if you were in the market for a Philips SoundBar, given the price on Catch Of The Day and the fact they will charge you an additional sum for postage and handling, you might as well buy yourself a Costco membership and your local Australian store and pick up the system there. That way you now have a new home theatre system AND a Costco membership!

Costco vs. Catch Of The Day: Philips SoundBar

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