Crescent Professional 206 Piece Tool Set

Ever since I started shopping at the Melbourne Costco store I have intended to pick up one of these Crescent tool sets for just $136.99, I just need to figure out how to justify it to the ‘Minister for War and Finance’. In the meantime, I will continue to ogle it every time I walk through the hardware aisle at Costco in Docklands.

One justification may be that I noticed Bunnings is selling a similar Crescent tool set for $129. The set available at Bunnings is, however, only 170 pieces. Now that begs the question, am I actually going to get something I really need in those 36 extra pieces? Well that question may not even be relevant since the extra 36 pieces in the Crescent tool set at Costco is only going to cost you $8 more. Surely that is justifiable…isn’t it?

Unfortunately I do not have a good picture of it from my many trips to the Melbourne Costco store, but you will find some images of it on eBay if you search there. And while your at it, you will notice that some wiley sellers are offering it at over $190 plus postage and handling. If you want a good set of tools and have considered buying this set at a premium on eBay, you might be better off using the extra dollars the eBay sellers want for the tool set to buy a Costco membership. You then have a new Crescent 206 piece tool set AND a Costco membership!

Crescent Professional 206 Piece Tool Set

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