Does Costco Have The Best Price On Sherrin Match Footballs?


Costco are not content with just importing a few body boards, ice hockey sticks and other bits to keep a small segment of Costco’s Australian membership in good quality sports gear at a great price. The buyers at Costco have now jumped in and gotten a deal that will keep Australian football fans happy.

You can get yourself a genuine Sherrin Match Australian football from Costco for $79.99. And this should even keep Dick Smith happy since it is a great deal on an Australian made product that uses Australian leather. Sherrin’s website indicate this ball is good for a game of kick-to-kick through to club level matches. However, this being Costco, you can only get red and they only have the full size ball (size 5).


Having a look around at competitors, Rebel Sport, Amart Sports and the Sherrin site itself list this football at $109.99. I thought I had foundĀ  good price online at IDM Sports who have it for $93.50, but shipping to my locale in Melbourne adds $16.50 which brings it back to the same price as the bricks and mortar retailers.

You can also search for Sherrin Australian Rules Footballs on Ebay. You can find cheap Sherrin Match footballs, as well as some hot prices on the Sherrin ‘Kangaroo Brand’ balls that are used in AFL games.

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