EZ Goal Practice Ice/Inline Hockey Goal On Sale At Costco Docklands

Having just got back from a game of inline hockey myself I thought I would tell you about a bargain on EZ-Goal practice hockey goals that I spotted at Costco in Docklands. Costco Australia have been importing these each year for the past few years and they usually get snapped up pretty quickly. This year is seems that Costco has brought a few too many in for their market and it is time to get them out the door.

EZ Goal with backstop

Costco is selling the 6′ x 4′ EZ-Goal with backstop and corner targets for $99.97 at Costco in Docklands. I picked one of these up last year from Costco for about $125 and this year they were selling at Costco’s full price of $127.99. On EZ-Goal’s own website this kit costs US$179.99 (AU$195.27) and the best online price I can find today is at HockeyShot.com for US$149.95 (AU$162.68). Given the size an weight of the package, you don’t want to be shipping one of these to Australia on its own as it will cost you an arm and a leg.

EZ Goal price at Costco Docklands

As I mentioned, I have one of these units myself. Whilst is doesn’t get used any where near enough it is one sturdy unit but it can be a bit fiddly to set up initially. The backdrop system stops you sending those pucks sailing past the pipes and the side backdrops can be used as rebounders to practice your one-timers. I haven’t used the corner targets yet, but given my game today I think I should be setting those up ASAP!

Docklands only had about 10 or 15 of these left on Friday, so get in there soon if you want one. Let us know via the contact page if you have seen them at other Australian Costco locations, either at full price or the reduced price.

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3 Responses to EZ Goal Practice Ice/Inline Hockey Goal On Sale At Costco Docklands

  1. jay says:

    just wondering if you know, are they still being sold now in 2014? really keen to get some.

    • Corey says:

      Hi Jay, they did not bring them in for 2014. Costco had them in their Autsrlian stores the three prior years but they struggled to sell them in 2013 so I guess they decided not to sell them in 2014. In fact they haven’t had any ice hockey gear in 2014 which is a shame.

  2. James says:

    Hey just stumbled across this old thread, called Costco and no, there are no more. Assume they will not bring them in again… 🙁

    I’ve been hanging to get my hands on one, would you be interested in selling yours to me? (That would be really awesome!)


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