Gorilla Dump Cart and Keter Garden Cart

Doing some garden or other jobs around the house that mean moving heavy or difficult items around. Here are a couple of carts that Costco Australia has on their shelves to give you a helping hand.

Gorilla Dump Cart

The Gorilla Dump Cart will carry a good little load which you can then easily dump with the action of the cart and it’s wheel. This cart also has mesh walls that can be removed to make this a flat cart and can be hitched to your ride-on mower.

Costco price on the Gorilla Dump Cart in it’s Australian stores is $157.99.

Keter Easy Go Max Cart

For something a little bit like a cross between a wheel barrow and a garden cart, Costco has the Keter Easy Go Max Cart. The design of this cart make getting a load in off the ground much easier as the cart can stay in the tipped position. You can also hold the load down with occy straps if you need to, as the cart has features that they can hook in to.

Costco has the Keter Easy Go Max Cart selling at $86.99 in their Australian stores.

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