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IGA, which stands for The Independent Grocers of Australia, is a chain of grocery stores that first cropped up in the US. Unlike most grocery stores in Australia, IGA operates as a franchise. The stores are operated and owned separately from the brand, but must adhere to IGA’s business model and core values. Many of IGA stores operate in small town Australia markets and are owned and operated by local families. The operator of the franchise is brand Metcash, an Australian retailer and wholesaler. Metcash supplies groceries, promotional materials and other things to a large number of locally owned Australian supermarkets. IGA stores account for 16% of supermarket sales in Australia.

IGA has over 5,000 stores that service customers over 30 countries across the globe. IGA first entered the Australian Market in 1988 by David Holdings when 10 stores became members of IGA. There are currently over 1400 IGA stores in Australia

IGA Catalogue

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IGA Gives Back to Australia Through the Community Chest

Every day, across Australia, the IGA Community Chest raises money to support local causes. The money will go to a myriad of causes, from activities and sports equipment to local youth to supporting people affected by natural disasters.  Fundraising occurs on many levels but the Community Chest is mostly funded through the purchase of products with an IGA Community Chest logo on the label. When you purchase a product with the IGA Community Chest logo on it, a percentage of the purchase is automatically earmarked for your local store’s IGA Community Chest account. IGA also holds special fundraising events for the local Community Chest throughout the year. Promotions vary from store to store and region to region.


Save Money With IGA Brands

Save Money With IGA Brands

IGA stores are able to provide exclusive discounts to their customers primarily to their great stock of exclusive brands. Many IGA brands are a trusted staple in homes across Australia. Here are some of the most important brands you’ll find when shopping the IGA catalogue:


  • IGA Signature: IGA Signature brand features products that are sourced from Australia wherever possible. Each product in the brand line is benchmarked to ensure its quality. IGA Signature products are easy to recognize from their have a stylish metallic signature branding. These products also feature the IGA Community Chest logo. Every IGA Signature product sold contributes 2 cents to IGA Community Chest, a fund that goes to helping schools and charities in local Australian communities. You’ll find cereals, baking products and other staples for home cooking in this collection, as well as household supplies.
  • Black and Gold: IGA stores stock the Black & Gold brand, a line of products featuring hundreds of products at great prices. Items in this collection include everyday products as well as specialized products. Black and Gold brand is available through all IGA’s and they also offer the brand to other independent supermarkets. Offerings include all household staples, from flour to rice, to cream, baking kits, frozen vegetables and pre-packaged dinners. You can also find sweets such as ice cream, tinned fruits, vegetables, and meats, as well as paper towels, paper cups and toilet paper. When these brands go on sale in the weekly catalogue, you’ll want to stock up on staples while you can.
  • No-Frills: The No Frills brand is a small IGA brand that was re-introduced in 2013 after IGA acquired Franklins supermarkets. The brand was an early staple of Franklins, meant for thrift-savvy shoppers looking for valuable add-ons to their weekly grocery shop. No-Frills currently features over 60 products. The range of offerings includes favorite meal-making items such as bacon, cheese, diced tomatoes, and flour. No-Frills also offers laundry powder, and other housewares. Currently this brand is available throughout SUPA IGA and Franklin! Each product comes with a money-back guarantee.


IGA Does Money-Saving Price Matches Every Day

IGA Does Money-Saving Price Matches Every Day

IGA wants to make sure that they have the lowest prices in the supermarket.  As a highly competitive grocer, and to keep ahead of the competition, they have developed an algorithm that performs price checks on hundreds of items offered by competitors everyday. Prices are matched weekly to the lowest price listed by Woolworths or Coles everyday. The prices that are compared are everyday prices, not special sales or promotions.

According to the IGA Website (http://www.iga.com.au/price-match/terms/), here’s how it works:

“To get a price for Price Match products, we match against the lower of the Coles or Woolworths price. The Price Match price comes into effect in store each Wednesday (Friday in Western Australia), reflecting either the Coles or Woolworths everyday shelf price from the previous week.

Our Price Match prices in each State are as much as possible based on the price for the Woolworths or Coles store for that State. However, in some cases, IGA stores are supplied from a neighbouring State. In those cases, that store may instead use the neighbouring State’s Price Match price.

Price Match is applied to identical comparison products (including identical pack size, colour, flavour and variety), where such an identical comparison product exists.”

Save Money With IGA Fuel Deals

Select locations of IGA are now offering special discounts on groceries when customers fuel up prior to the store visit. Locations that run this promotion include NSW, QLD, SA and Selected stores in Victoria.  In order to participate, you must first fill up your family car at any service station and spend at least $30 in-store in one transaction. You can fuel up to 80 litres in one trip and get credit towards your IGA purchase. Save your petrol receipt and take it with you when you go to shop at an IGA retail location. IGA will then reimburse you 4c a litre on your petrol receipt. IGA will only accept one fuel receipt per customer.


Saving Money with the IGA Catalogue

The IGA Catalogue is available weekly online and covers special savings, coupon offers, and price matches against the competition. You’ll always find great discounts on already fairly priced family favorites. IGA also accepts manufacturer’s coupons, so it’s wise to keep them on hand when shopping the weekly catalogue. It’s always a great idea to apply coupons to grocery store special in order to optimize your savings.

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