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JB Hi-Fi has always been well known in Australia for the bargains that the chain delivers on CD’s, DVD’s, video games and electronic goods. Started in the Melbourne suburb of Keilor East in 1975, the store has gone from a one-man operation specializing in LP’s and high-fi electronics to a household name. With 187 locations, JB Hi-Fi is one of the top retailers for consumer electronics and entertainment, delivering high quality entertainment to the masses of Australia and New Zealand, too. JB Hi-Fi Home Superstores offer linens, towels, kitchen appliances and accessories, vacuums and mixers, and just about anything else you’ll need to keep on top of your domestic duties.

JB Hi-Fi took a huge step in 2012 towards dominating the home entertainment market by expanding their home electronics offerings. Taking their inventory to a whole new level, the company now sells a good variety of goods, including Plasma and LCD televisions, audio visual technology, and digital photograph equipment.

JB Hi-Fi Catalogue

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JB Hi-Fi is Australia’s biggest CD retailer and one of the top retailers that sell computer games, televisions and car stereos. Of course, the company still focuses on offering the best of entertainment, too. Among their aisles you’ll find boom boxes, stereos, car stereo systems, and all manners of musical instruments, including stringed instruments like acoustic guitars and ukulele’s.  JB Hi-Fi is also known for giving the best deals on the entire line of Apple products, and in recent years has outperformed Apple stores with their own product line.

Not too shabby for a store that once sold record players and vinyl, eh? As mentioned earlier, JB Hi-Fi started out as a one-man operation. Established in 1974 by Mr. John Barbuto, in East Keilor, Victoria, the store had one mission: To deliver a high quality range of hi-fi electronics and recorded music at Australia’s lowest prices. The store was renowned for its quality and dedicated music selection for years, and in 1983, Mr. Barbuto sold the store for a tidy sum to Richard Bouris and David Rodd. The pair of investors expanded JB Hi-Fi into a chain of ten stores in Melbourne and Sydney, making millions of dollars in return on their investment. In 1991, the end of vinyl records was fast approaching, and JB Hi-Fi stayed on the cutting edge of music by becoming one of the first stores to clear out their entire stock of records in Australia. The chain them aimed to stock a wide variety of CDs, and in response to this change, JB Hi-Fi’s profits again soared. The store has continued to grow to this day, with over 180 locations all around Australia and in New Zealand’s largest cities.

Not content with selling electronics, in recent years the store has expanded into two unexpected sectors: digital downloads as well as home goods


Save Money on Digital Downloads With JB-HiFi NOW

Save Money on Digital Downloads With JB-HiFi NOW


.Australians can join JB Hi-Fi NOW to stream unlimited music for about $8.99 a month. There is also an app available for both IPhones and Androids. Customers also have access to a large library of ebooks through this program, via (http://books.jbhifi.com.au)which sells e-books online to JB Hi-Fi NOW customers.

Saving Money At JB Hi-Fi Through Sales

JB Hi-Fi publishes a savings catalogue weekly with the latest electronics sales, new CD and DVD release specials, and other savings you won’t want to muss out on as a customer. Often, you will find that alongside an advertised special or two, the retailer will also offer rebates and instant rebates, called cashbacks, in-store. You should note that Time limits apply to cashbacks and bonus offer redemptions, so if you purchase merchandise with one of these special offers, pay special attention to the fine print and don’t miss on your redemption deadline. TV prices exclude postage & handling costs incurred with bonus redemption.  Often, if you buy a computer or phone, you’ll be given a special coupon code for free copies of software or find a special price on the electronics when you purchase them with accessories.

In addition to saving money through traditional means, there are other ways customers often can get a discount at JB Wi-Fi locations. Often, if you find an advertised (or unadvertised) deal at a competitor’s store in their advertisements, JB Wi-Fi will match it. Because of this, when you’re shopping for a large item, it’s best to shop around. Check advertising circulars for retailers like Bing Lee, Big W, Harvey Norman or even Costco to get a price quote. JB’s policy is to price-match the competition, and on top of that, beat the state price. So get a quote from competing stores, preferably in writing, and head to the store armed with information. It’s best to explain you’re a loyal customer and let them know you prefer to purchase with JB Wi-Fi. Don’t be afraid to haggle when purchasing accessories, too. Often store associates, or even the manager, can offer you a better deal if you’re prepared to go back and forth.

Be aware, however, that some prices are non-negotiable. For example, Apple products can’t have their price dropped due to an agreement with the brand.


Save Money At JB Wi-Fi By Trading In Your Pre-owned Video Games and Consoles

Save Money At JB Wi-Fi By Trading In Your Pre-owned Video Games and Consoles

B Wi-Fi also gives store credit for pre-owned video games and gaming consoles. In order to use this service, you must must be over the age of 18 and have the proper identification documents such as a photo ID or passport with your date of birth and address. Trade-ins are available-in store only, and often there are store promotions for new merchandise based on your trade in. For this reason, when your games and gaming station are valued, the trade-in credit will be only good if you do the trade-in on that specific business day. Trade in values are determined by the make, model and condition of your console and accessories. Merchandise trade-in are good for any merchandise in the store, but you can’t buy a gift card with them. You can, however, choose to use that trade-in credit on any other merchandise you choose.

There are a lot of great ways to save money at JB Hi-Fi, but the best time of year for amazing specials is always the Xmas season. Next time you’re ready to go shopping at the chain, make sure to check the sales circular, learn about rebates, and trade in any video games you aren’t using. You may just end up getting a fantastic deal!

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