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Lamb at Costco Australia | Loaded Trolley

Lamb at Costco Australia

I’m not too sure if lamb figures that highly on the Christmas dinner table, but even if it doesn’t, you shouldn’t forget about what you might eat at a Boxing Day recovery barbeque. So whether it is for Christmas, Boxing day or perhaps even thinking ahead to Australia Day 2013, here’s the lamb products Costco Australia has in its warehouse stores.

  • Lamb cutlets – $29.49 per kg – typical pack size 0.9kg/15 cutlets
  • Boneless leg of lamb, vacuum packed – $11.99 per kg – typical pack size 2kg
  • Boneless leg of lamb, Greek style marinated – $13.99 per kg – typical pack size 1.5kg

  • Lamb rump, 6 pieces, vacuum packed – $18.99 per kg – typical pack size 1.5kg
  • Lamb rack, Frenched – $28.99 per kg

  • Lamb hind shanks, 2 pieces, vacuum packed – $8.99 per kg – typical pack size 1.1kg
  • Lamb loin chops – $16.99 per kg – typical pack size 2.2kg/15 chops

Of course Costco source all of its lamb from Australian farmers, so here’s a video featuring Sam Kekovitch advertising Australian lamb for good measure.

Lamb at Costco Australia

2 thoughts on “Lamb at Costco Australia

  1. I tried to buy lamb rumps at Costco Canberra today as I do regularly. There were none available and staff told me that none would be available into the future – is that the case, and if it is, why? It’s the major reason I go to Costco, so it’s upsetting for me.

  2. Hi just want the price for four quarter lamb
    Can you cut for me to 0.6mm
    I’m close the Marsden park one thanks

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