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Lego City Kits | Loaded Trolley

Lego City Kits

In amongst the toys section at Costco that has somewhat expanded as we head towards Christmas, there is a number of Lego ‘City’ kits on offer. We had a a look at comparative ‘everyday’ prices at other Australian retailers and were pleased to find that Costco was the cheapest in most cases. K-Mart did offer one kit at their normal price lower than the shelf price at Costco and Big W has a catalogue sale on this week that drops the price of some kits below Costco’s lowest price (but note that the ‘everyday’ price is significantly higher than Costco’s).

Here are the kits Costco is selling and comparative pricing from their competitors:

Lego City Dirt Bike Transporter (Kit # 4433)
Lego City Caravan Set (Kit # 4435)
Lego City Rubbish Truck (Kit # 4432)

Store Price
Costco $21.99
Big W# $28.84
Target Not Available
K-Mart Not Available
Toys’R’Us* $29.99
Myer $29.95

# Catalogue sale from November 8th 2012 to November 14th 2012 for $20.00

* On sale at time of writing – $24.99


Lego City Fire Plane (Kit # 4209)

Store Price
Costco $58.99
Big W $68.84
Target $63.20
K-Mart $69.00
Toys’R’Us Not Available
Myer $79.95

Lego City Mine (Kit # 4204)

Store Price
Costco $99.99
Big W $114.00
Target Not Available
K-Mart $89.00
Toys’R’Us Not Available
Myer Not Available

Lego City Kits

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