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Lego Star Wars X-Wing Kit | Loaded Trolley

Lego Star Wars X-Wing Kit

One extra Lego kit we have not covered that Costco is stocking in its Australian stores is the Lego Star Wars X-Wing (kit # 9493). This is a kit for every Lego Star Wars die hard (you know who you are) as it comes with the new Jek Porkins minifig along with three others…but the Lego nerds already know that.

What you may not know is the very competitive price Costco is selling it for in Australia. It beats all comers except K-Mart’s catalogue sale price, with which Costco is almost on par with. Here is a list of prices we found for this kit:

  • Costco Australia – $89.97
  • K-Mart – $89 (online price excluding delivery, need to confirm if this is the in store price and if this is a sale price or the every day price…please help if you know!) – (Edit: we have confirmed that this is K-Mart’s on sale price until 21st November. The everyday price at K-Mart is $118.)
  • Toys’R’Us – $99.99 (on sale price, normally $119.99)
  • Big W – $118.00
  • Myer – $99.00 (on sale price, normally $129.00)
  • Target – price not available (please help if you have seen the price at Target)
  • David Jones – $119.99

So Costco is narrowly edged out by K-Mart at this stage, however this was K-Mart’s online price and they do not show if an item is on sale online. If you know that this is or is not the every day price at K-Mart, feel free to comment below.


Lego Star Wars X-Wing Kit

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