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Milk - Costco Versus | Loaded Trolley

Milk – Costco Versus

I love milk, especially a tall, cold glass of good old full cream milk. In trying to be health conscious these days I am onto the lighter, 2% fat varieties of milk. Whether you want full cream milk, a lighter 2% fat milk or and extra light milk, you can get your fill at Costco.

Now the media in Australia have covered the milk and bread wars that the supermarkets are running, and it is a tight tussle. As you can see from the table for the full cream and light (2% fat) varieties below, there is not much in it. Costco’s Australian stores just barely comes out on top in the milk war, with Aldi right behind them and Coles and Safeway right in there.

The price table considers the cheapest brand in-store, which is effectively the plain label brand for each. As for the quality of each (and I do consider myself a milk connoisseur), I have tried the Coles, Safeway and Costco brands and I would not say there is anything in it. I really should have a go at the milk varieties from Aldi too.

One final comment, Costco also have an extra-light milk that I have not shown in the tables below, which is $3.19 for 3 litres. I have to look into the nutritional table to find a suitable comparison. From first glance, not all extra-light milks are the same.

Full Cream and Light Milk Price Comparison – Cost per litre
Store Price Pack volume (litres) Unit Price (per litre)
Costco $2.88 3 $0.96
Coles $3.00 3 $1.00
Woolworths $3.00 3 $1.00
Aldi $2.89 3 $0.96


Milk – Costco Versus

One thought on “Milk – Costco Versus

  1. One important thing to note is that Costco milk at 0.96/ltr is permeate free milk which in other stores even after discount is not less than 1.50/ltr. Big difference in taste and flow of milk in full cream version between permeate free milk and with additives.

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