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Mobile Phones For Sale At Costco Australia | Loaded Trolley

Mobile Phones For Sale At Costco Australia

On our trip to Costco’s Ringwood Warehouse today I noticed they now stock the recently released Samsung Galaxy S5. It was hard to miss as the product cards, those are the thing you grab to take to the check-out for some high value items at Costco, as were right by the entrance.

Since Costco has been consistently stocking a small range of unlocked mobile phones in their Australian stores for about a year now I thought it was worth putting together a list. Based on my visit to Costco Ringwood these are the phones they currently have in stock:

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 – $879.99
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 – $624.99 ($35 off, normally $625.99) including S-View cover
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Active – $489.99 ($60 off, normally 549.99)
  • Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo – $109.99
  • Nokia Lumina 625 – $259.99
Mobile Phones For Sale At Costco Australia

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  1. hi just wondering how much the iphone x costs (both 64gb and 256gb) and if you can pay it off in monthly payments, thank you.

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