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Nabisco Oreo Original at Costco Australia | Loaded Trolley

Nabisco Oreo Original at Costco Australia

Twist, Lick, Dunk!!!

A familiar catch-cry to many, young and old. Oreos are touted as ‘Milks Favorite Cookie’, and this writer for one, agrees. While I don’t always do the whole twist, lick and dunk (I usually get to carried away and the cookie is gone before the dunking stage), this ritual is one Children and Adults have been doing for exactly 100years. Yep, in March 2012, Oreo turned 100.

Costco, sells Oreos in a 4x 300g pack, and while that might seem like alot, they do keep well and are handy to have in the cupboard for so many occasions. And once you’ve opened one pack, its pretty hard to stop, so buying in bulk actually makes alot of sense.

  Costco    $ 0.66   4-pack (4x300g)   $ 7.89
  Woolworths $ 1.12 1-pack (300g) $ 3.36
  Coles $ 1.18 1-pack (300g) $ 3.53

I love Oreos, and am always on the lookout for additional ways to eat them 🙂 so below are a few of my favorites.

Triple Chocolate Oreo Dessert (click for recipe)

Christmas Oreo Turkeys (click for assembly instructions)


Nabisco Oreo Original at Costco Australia

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