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Nautica Jumper | Loaded Trolley

Nautica Jumper

As the cooler months are approaching, Costco’s stores in Australia are bringing in their winter clothing ranges. In the men’s department, there are some name brands items popping up though, in true Costco style, limited ranges. An example of the stock coming through is this Nautica jumper (or long sleeve knit sweater as the American naming convention implies).

Costco’s Australian stores are selling this at $37.99. I went hunting for a similar item and found it at Myer for $119.95.

I keep saying this in my articles, but just to re-iterate, if you were looking to buy this item from a retail outlet like Myer, you might as well get a Costco membership and buy it there. By the time you have taken on the $55 or $60 membership and bought the item you are still ahead by more than $20.

Nautica Jumper

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