Need Extra Chairs Or Tables For Your Guests?

So you’ve invited a lot of people for a Christmas feast or New Years BBQ, but you don’t have enough space at the table or chairs to sit them at. Costco Australia stocks a small range of quality folding chairs and tables for your guests to park their bums on and munch on the holiday feast at. Here’s what they typically have in stock.

  • Elite Classic Padded Folding Chair – $18.99 ea. Quite a comfy folding chair for indoor use.
  • Lifetime Commercial Grade Folding Chair – $24.99 ea. This has a plastic blow molded seat base and back with a sturdy frame so it is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It is also surprisingly comfortable.
  • Lifetime 4-foot Commercial Grade Folding Table – $41.99. Small blow molded table with folding legs that can be used indoors or outdoors. This would make a good table for putting a small food buffet on or as a ‘kids’ table if you please.
  • Lifetime 6-foot Commercial Grade Fold-In-Half Table – $64.99. Large blow molded table with folding loegs that also folds in half for easy storage. This can be used indoors or outdoors so it can be used for that BBQ with a lot of guests orĀ  as a big buffet when you have run out of room for the feast.



4-foot-folding-table-costco-australia-02 4-foot-folding-table-costco-australia-01

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