New Page For Laptop And Tablet Prices At Costco Australia

Almost 2 months ago we made our second ever laptop purchase from Costco Australia. The first laptop purchase we made from Costco was one of the reasons we became members 3 yeasr ago. That original laptop is getting a bit long in the tooth and again, Costco has provided a cost effective way to upgrade.

This time around we picked up an Asus C550CM-CJ021H which we got for $60 less than the nearest price I could find. The nearest price was from MSY who are one of the cheapest retailers in the computer business and I use them for many of my IT purchases.

So when we made that purchase I planned on doing a page to track the price of laptops at Costco, especially since I was getting some requests for laptop price checks. That list is now compiled and you can see the page here on Loaded Trolley: Costco Australia Laptop And Tablet Price List.

In reading this list you should note a number of the laptops on offer at Costco end their prices with ’97 cents’. This indicates that those models are being run out and there is a chance the price has been dropped. If you want to check what the bottom end of the market has some of these laptops at, I recommend you try MSY and Static ICE.


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