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New Products for Summer at Costco | Loaded Trolley

New Products for Summer at Costco

July signifies the month that Costco in Australia starts to stock up on summer products (or at least it does in Melbourne, maybe Brisbane has this stuff all year round!). So here are a few items that Costco have brought in this year for some summer fun. As you can see Costco Australia are either willing to stock just about anything that they think will move or there was a few spare of in a warehouse in America.

Sun Dolphin Pedal Boat – $839.99

What kid wouldn’t love their own pedal boat? We are not too sure how well this will sell down here in Melbourne. There are a few lakes that you could take it on, but I don’t think it would be a big seller. This one might sell better in the northern states.

Intex Relaxation Station Island – $89.99

Ever wanted to own your own island? OK, maybe this won’t satisfy you but this Intex inflatable is fun for four people in the pool, lake or maybe even a calm bay. It also has a ladder so you can get onto your own island easily.

Swimline Manta Ray Squiter Set (2 pack) – $36.99

This seems like a fantastic price for a 2 pack of inflatables with squirters. Being a 2-pack, there should be less arguments over who gets the squirter inflatable for families who buy this for summer fun in the pool. Maybe more arguments like ‘Muuuuummmm, Johnny squirted me in the eeeyyyeee’.

Swimline Delta Dueler II (2 pack) – $31.49

Here is another 2 pack of inflatables with squirters at an even better price. Last time I bought an inflatable at K-Mart, it was impossible to get even one inflatable this cool for this kind of price.

Wham-O Frisbee 3-Pack – $17.89

Try buying a single Frisbee at somewhere like Rebel Sport or Toys’R’Us and you are going to struggle to get a decent one at this price. In fact, I bought a ‘pro’ frisbee at Rebel a year ago that ran me $25. This pack at Australian Costco stores has the Wham-O Frisbee models ‘Pro Classic’, ‘Twighlight Blast’ (with LEDs in it) and Dyn-O-Glo (glow in the dark) all in one pack at a fantastic price.

Have fun and stay safe this summer, and don’t forget to ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’ if you are out in the sun.

New Products for Summer at Costco

6 thoughts on “New Products for Summer at Costco

  1. Hi there just wondering if you have any of the pedal boats in stock or are you getting any thus year thanks Tara

    1. Hi Tara, we are just an information site for Costco so we don’t actually stock any of these item. We also have not yet seen Costco Australia bring these in for this summer as yet. If I see them I will let you know.

    1. Hi…this is not actually a website run by Costco but a fan site. From what we have seen at the Ringwood store there are no pedal boats in yet this year.

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