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Officeworks is the largest technology; stationary and office supply company in all of Australia, known for giving great everyday prices on the essentials for businesses. The first store started from humble beginnings in Richmond, Melbourne in early 1993. Officeworks has stores that cater to both businesses and consumers with home offices. The stores tailored to businesses are known as Officeworks Business.

After passing hands through a few owners, Officeworks expanded greatly. In late 2006, Officeworks opened its 100th store in South Yarra. By mid-2013, the stores numbered over 150.  Officeworks is known for its great prices and great service when it comes to their customers. They aim to offer the best of technology and paper goods, and operate as a low cost warehouse, with high hopes similar to that of its sister company Bunnings Warehouse.

Officeworks stays on top of their customers needs by keeping a close eye on their inventory. They are said to check shelf offerings in every store twice daily so they can order before they are low on stock. Their discount prices come from great deals they get by buying in bulk. They then pass those savings on to their business and home-based customers across Australia.

Officeworks Catalogue

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The stores have experts in many departments. Officeworks offers data transfer services, RAM installation, software installation and upgrades, and certain types of troubleshooting for a small fee.

The store location now also have begun to offer free Wi-Fi access in all Officeworks stores nationwide for their customer’s convenience. (Which is quite convenient for a price check – read ahead to learn about their low price guarantees.)

Overall, Officeworks caters to a large range of customers. Consumers with home offices rely on them for the basics as well as hardware and software upgrades. Businesses of all sizes rely on them for their monthly papers supplies, printing supplies, and other essentials. Parents, teachers and educational institutions rely on them to make learning easier and fun. Nonprofits use them to create fundraising materials, signs and banners for events.

Officeworks offers their customer many ways to shop: in store, online, by fax or via telephone. They also plan on creating offerings via social media and cell phones in the future.


Save Time With Click & Collect

Save Time With Click & Collect

Click & Collect is a free service offered through all physical storefronts in Australia.

The online catalogue offers savings to Officeworks customers no matter what city they are located in. Click & Collect takes convenience once step further by allowing customers to order their office supplies and technology online, then pick up their order, already collated, at their local Officeworks store. If the product you are ordering via Click & Collect is in stock at the store, it will be available to collect within 1 to 2 business days. If not, then there may be additional wait time, but you will be notified if this happens to be the case. Just place your order and wait for a confirmation. You will need to bring a driver’s licence or passport, along with your order confirmation, to pick up the items you have ordered

Click & Collect is always free and it’s available in Brisbane, Melbourne, Geelong, Perth and Sydney. You can use the service to order large, heavy items as well as small items.

If you’re not interested in Click & Collect, keep reading; there are several other affordable delivery options for you to choose from, depending on your needs.


Officeworks Is Not Just Paper Office Supplies

Officeworks Is Not Just Paper Office Supplies

Officeworks offers a wide range of technology. They sell personal computers and Macs, desktops and laptops. They are keenly focused selling the hottest tech products, offering everything from notebook computers to iPhones, external hard drives and fitness watches. They offer the latest programs for both Mac and PCs, including gaming packages. They offer a host of professional software packages as well, with all the essentials for the office.

PayPal Australia has also partnered with Officeworks to offer PayPal Here, a handheld Bluetooth credit card reader that allows small businesses to take payments on the go. Unlike traditional merchant accounts, the device enables businesses to get setup virtually overnight, offering a powerful tool for in-person selling and donation taking for nonprofits. The machines are available for purchase at all of Officeworks stores, as well as online.

There is a special department that can assist customers with packaging and mailing, and you can also print postage and prepare your shipment through the online store. The store also offers discount bulk printing services, sign printing, business cards, binder making, and other copying services. You can place the order online and pick it up in the store, or you can have it delivered to you for a small fee.

Save Money With Officeworks Lowest Price Guarantee

Officeworks employs price checkers that keep up with the competitions’ price, but they often miss a special deal here or there. If you’re a savvy customer, you can take them up on their Lowest Price Guarantee. The Guarantee is Simple: If you happen to find an item they sell at a cheaper price than Officeworks currently sells it, even if it’s on sale, they will match it. Then, to sweeten the deal, they’ll add an additional 5% discount. You can redeem the Lowest Price Guarantee (LPG) by visiting your local Officeworks store. Although they don’t currently offer LPG via the online store, if you’re unable to go in person, you can still get the deal by fax or phoning in. Just be aware that you cannot get the offer via the online store.

Ordering Online With the Officeworks Online Catalogue

Weekly ad circulars will help you keep on top of deals in the online store, but don’t forget that you can save money by placing orders via the online storefront as well. The online store offers free delivery for orders of $55 or more. If the products you have ordered are in stock, place your order before 11:30 AM and you’ll qualify for free same-day delivery. (This offer is not available for large or heavy items, however, you will have to option of paying $39.98 for delivery of those items. You can then expect them in one to three business days.)

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