We Hit Over 1000 Items On the Price List!

We recently hit a big milestone here at Loaded Trolley by adding our 1000th item on to the Price List! Loaded Trolley continues to have the largest independent price list of items at Costco Australia in the world to help you make the best purchasing decisions for you and your family.

At current count we have 1322 items on the Price List across 13 different categories so you should be able to find everything you need (we even added the kitchen sink!)

To look at the price list please click the link above or you can find the price list here: Costco Australia Price List

We will continue to grow the price list every month so stay tuned!

We Hit Over 1000 Items On the Price List!

4 thoughts on “We Hit Over 1000 Items On the Price List!

  1. Can you please tell me how much the kitchen Aid 5 piece silicone tool set is please(advertised in the latest book)

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