Ready Made Salads at Costco Australia

Costco has a great range of fresh ready – made salads to make life easier this Christmas.

Note that it is possible that available stock, brands and prices may vary from store to store depending on sourcing of the produce. Also, to the best of our knowledge, all products are product of Australia unless otherwise noted.

  • Salad Servers Meditteranean Chickpea 1kg – $7.99 ($0.80 per 100g)

  • Salad Servers Pumpkin & Couscous 1kg – $8.69 ($0.87 per 100g)

  • Salad Servers Potato, Bacon & Egg$7.69 ($0.77 per 100g)

  • Salad Servers Bean Medley 1kg – $7.29 ($0.73 per 100g)

  • Salad Servers Chicken. Basil & Penne Salad 1kg – $8.29 ($0.83 per 100g)

  • Salad Servers Coleslaw Mix 1kg – $5.29 ($0.53 per 100g)

  • Fresh Greek Salad 1kg – $10.99 ($1.10 per 100g)

  • Fresh Caesar Salad 800g – $10.99 ($ 1.37 per 100g)


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One Response to Ready Made Salads at Costco Australia

  1. When I was checking ready made salads in the Canberra (Majura Park) store, there was a Tabbouleh Salad in 1kg pack. I’m trying to check the price (I think it was $7.99). However, it does not come up in the list of ready made salads and when I search for it I get no results.

    Can you confirm that this product is available and at what price, please?

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