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Repco is an Australian automotive engineering company that is one of the largest suppliers of parts to the aftersales market in Australia. Repco is trusted by Tyre and Auto Centers across Australia and has knowledgeable, friendly employees who love to talk shop about car upgrades, restorations and repairs.


Repco has a long-standing reputation for great discounts and savings for everyday Australians. Known for saving consumers a lot of money and frustration, Repco’s parts are high quality and built to fit as close to vehicle specifications as possible. Repco parts also have a warranty life of their own, offering buyer protections against failure and no-questions-asked returns.

The company was founded by Robert Geoffrey (Geoff) Russell in 1922 and was initially named the Automotive Grinding Company. From humble beginnings in Collingwood, Victoria, Repco has grown to over 2,000 employees across 400 storefronts. Repco is also famous for developing the engines used the Brabham Formula One cars – helping make Jack Brabham and Denny Hulme the winners of both the 1966 and 1967 World Championship of Driver. Brabham-Repco was awarded the International Cup for F1 Manufacturers for the engine during those years as well.

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Repco also developed and built the Repco-Holden Formula 5000 engine for Formula 5000 racing. The has been used extensively in racing vehicles that compete in the Tasman Series, the Australian Drivers’ Championship, the Australian Sports Car Championship and the Australian Sports Sedan and GT Championships.

Professional drivers trust Repco to make superior parts and engines for racing vehicles. Repco is also trust by thousands of auto repair shops nationwide for everyday auto parts.

Coupons, Discounts and Specials at Repco

Coupons, Discounts and Specials at Repco

One of the best ways to save money at Repco is to become a member of an Australian automotive club. Use your Show Your Card and Save Card at any Repco store and get 10% off a variety of parts, accessories and tools. Often, Repco will offer limited-time sales for Auto Club members that exceed these savings. For example, earlier in 2015, Auto Club members were privy to promotions allowing them to save 20%-30%, but for one week, only.

The Repco catalogue also offers an assortment of exciting savings for vehicle owners. The weekly sales circulars often have some amazing values for the money, with savings, coupons, and rebates that often offer up to 40% off commonly used automotive tools such as trolley jacks, lubricants, driving lamps and loading ramps. If it’s a part, tool, or accessory used to work with vehicles, it’s probably available at Repco. Don’t limit yourself to merely saving money on replacement parts. There are a lot of great upgrades that Repco offers savings on.

Are you looking for ways to get a discounts with your shopping trip online today?

You can save 20% on your first online catalogue purchase by joining the Repco mailing list in addition to the savings listed on this page. Repco will then email you a coupon code to apply your savings to your first purchase.

Online coupons codes are also often available for shopping in the Repco Catalogue.

Special Repco Savings for Business Owners and Mechanics

Special Repco Savings for Business Owners and Mechanics

Are you a business owner or mechanic? Then Join Team Repco Rewards (www.teamrepco.com.au) for even more savings. With your card, you’ll be privy to some fantastic members-only savings that will allow you to pass the savings on to your customers. You’ll also be rewarded with special coupons and loyalty points that you can use to exchange or redeem for special gift cards, promotional items, and other fun premiums. Membership is $99 for one year and is only open to legitimate registered businesses. Cardholders also get priority customer care, with an exclusive support hotline. If your business spends $1500 or more a month at Repco, you’ll also be eligible for “Mates Rates” – Repco’s special, discount pricing that is only available to Repco Rewards members.

Get The Most Out Of Shopping With Repco:


  • Purchasing your own spare parts will always save you money. Whether you plan on doing the upgrades or repairs yourself or hiring outside labor, the surest way to get a good deal on the parts is to buy directly via Repco.
  • Check with your mechanic before a repair to make sure you are allowed to use your own parts. If the answer is “no”, walk away. If your auto shop doesn’t want you to save money, that probably means they mark up the labor costs as well. You can do better elsewhere.
  • Buying parts at Repco will help you become a more knowledgeable consumer. Once you’re a regular Repco shopper, you’ll be familiar with car parts and their prices and you’ll also become familiar with any specials or deals that they offer. Very important if you plan on working regularly on your vehicle or need specialized parts.


Information You’ll Need to Order Discount Auto Parts at Repco 

If you’ve never bought parts from an independent retailer before, you may be a bit wary or concerned about getting the correct parts for your vehicle. Saving money is important, but getting a correctly fit part is also a priority. Sometimes a car manufacturer may be “off” when it comes to the year and the model, so you cannot responsibly rely on the make, model and year alone when buying replacement parts. Here’s the information you’ll need to get the parts for your vehicle:


  • Vehicle Identification Number/Chassis Number: You can find these numbers on the vehicle compliance plate and the vehicle build plate. These are located under the hood in the engine bay. The VIN is a long string of letters and numbers. If you have trouble finding the VIN, look in your car’s user manual.
  • Vehicle Make and Model. This information is both on the VIN plate as well as located in your car’s manual.
  • Month and year the vehicle was made. (This information will be on the same plate as your VIN)
  • Engine type and size of the engine. (Is it a V8? A V6?)
  • Transmission type. Some vehicles require different types of parts depending on if they are manual or automatic.
  • Luxury vehicle specification. If your vehicle is a “special edition” with luxury enhancements, you’ll need that information with you before you shop, especially if you are doing bodywork or interior repairs.

Keep your coupon codes and other discount information close to your computer when you shop. If you’re not sure about what you’re ordering, or need an assist with choosing replacement parts, pick up the phone and call customer service. (Don’t fill out a form or email.) Knowledgeable staff is standing by to help you with your order, but they’re not typically spending much time in their email everyday. The best way to get help is to make a quick phone call.

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