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Review: King Chicken Noodle Soup Singles | Loaded Trolley

Review: King Chicken Noodle Soup Singles

As a snack I don’t mind a basic cup of chicken noodle soup, and I don’t mind the usual cup-o-noodle type range. When wandering through the aisles of the Docklands Costco I saw the King Chicken Noodle Soup and thought it was wort a try. The soup mix comes in its own cup with a spoon and Costco has them in 6 packs at $6.99.

Now for the real test of this product, as after all, this is a review. When I opened the cup, I was expecting a cake of dry noodles and a sachet of dry soup mix. What I found in there was a couple of sachets of ‘real’ ingredients, of which one was wet soup concentrate with a small number of noodles. After pushing the concentrate out of the packet and adding the other sachet of dry ingredients it was ‘just add boiling water’ time.

So it came time for the taste test. For that, I got about halfway through it and decided this really wasn’t my cup of tea, or cup of soup as the case may be. I wasn’t a fan of the flavour or the overall texture, and the noodles were far too soggy having been a part of the wet sachet ingredient. I think it should also have more noodles to qualify as a chicken noodle soup.

For me this is not a product I will be going back for, however, I could see this may appeal to people with a different pallet to mine.

Review: King Chicken Noodle Soup Singles

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