Review: Quady Essensia 2009 California Orange Muscat


I’m generally not really into dessert wines (I tend to go for a decent port or liquer) but decided to try this one because I’d never seen an “Orange” Muscat. I was somewhat sceptical though, because so far I haven’t found an American wine to challenge wines produced closer to home.

It is somewhat sweet, but in a different way to a Botrytis sticky. The flavour has strong overtones of dried apricot, and it works fantastically well with a platter of cheese and dried fruits. Equally, some biscotti to dip in as recommended by the winemaker Quady Winery is a new idea for me and one which I highly recommend.

According to the Quady Winery, the Orange Muscat grape variety is little known (which explains why I’ve never heard of it!). It was once grown in France and there are some small plantings in Italy and Australia. The wine is lightly fortified to about 15% alcohol and aged for 3 months in French Oak. It comes in at 15% Alc/Vol and is available in the regular dessert wine bottle size of 375ml for $12.99.

Review: Quady Essensia 2009 California Orange Muscat

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